Write more?

Well, I’ve definitely missed that mark for the first quarter of 2014.  I’ve been home quite a bit, not quite so many adventures so far this year but I’m on the edge of a long stretch of travel.

A few weeks ago I had a bit of a health emergency that required a few days in the hospital and the removal of my gall bladder.  My nurse finally gave up on my keeping my arm from bending and moved my IV to the other arm so I could knit while in the hospital.  She chuckled the next day when she saw a bit of yarn tangled up in the tape to the IV.  A girl’s gotta keep her mind and her hands busy with all that time with nothing to do.  For some reason, most likely because I couldn’t eat I watched the Food Channel non-stop.

With all of these evenings at home I’ve had time to make some blankets and knit some hats.  My goal is to ship a box of something to Parkland each and every month.  When I’m on the road the baby hats are a quick knit and mindless watching TV and unwinding sort of thing after the end of a challenging day.

Life continues to be amazing.  The surgery took me out of commission for a few days but I’m back to getting at least 10,000 steps a day and sticking mostly to a Paleo diet.  The numbers are going down on the scale and I’m feeling the changes in my clothes and even when I look in the mirror.

….all is happy in my corner of the world.


Celebrating the Red, White and Blue….

Abundance….I use this word a lot.  I’ve discovered if  you really stop and take a look around, you have so much to be thankful for, so many things with real meaning–but sometimes you need to look inside to truly see the abundance.  My 4th of July was a day filled with abundance, so much that I climbed out of bed wide awake to try to put these thoughts together in a post.  (I’m hoping for an abundance of sleep after I get this written 🙂

My 4th of July started with a parade.  In my mind when invited to this parade I’m thinking Fort Worth, big parade, brass bands, floats, horses and a grand event.  What I got instead, was a Norman Rockwell painting type event of a local community parade.  There was a band, there were floats, there was even a kazoo band.  I sat in my lawn chair in the shade and had one of those *home town* feelings that my friend Maria used to talk about in the small town that I lived in back in Ohio.  Fort Worth could hardly be considered a small town, but on this particular corner, in this neighborhood I felt that sense of family, community and being part of a long standing tradition.  I was invited in as a guest and was treated like a part of the family. That’s just how the day started….

The rest of the day I was scheduled to be at my happiest place on earth, the Fort Worth Stockyards to spend the day at Willie Nelson’s 4th of July Picnic.  I went last year, by myself, and had an absolute blast.  This year I would be joined by some of my dancing friends, and I would be connecting with Billy Joe.  A day with Billy Joe always seems to be an adventure.

It’s July in Texas, not exactly the coolest time of the year, yet there was a breeze blowing, and in the shade it was tolerable to be outside to listen to the music.  The day started with the Randy Rogers Band, I had no idea how many of their songs I knew and that I dance to.  It was clear that they were humbled by the experience of playing at the picnic.  Not every artist or every band achieve that level of success in the music business, in fact I would guess that the odds lean more the other way.  It made me feel good that they seemed to appreciate their success. Abundance, right?

Late afternoon, I had the opportunity to go backstage with Billy Joe to meet Amy Nelson, Willie Nelson’s daughter.  Earlier I had seen her perform with Cathy Guthrie, Arlo Guthrie’s daughter.  I would describe their music as irreverent, but their voices were so sweet as they sang these hysterically funny songs.  I’ve become a fan of Folk Uke, and I look forward to hearing them sing again.

Seriously, backstage at Billy Bob’s? Inside, I’m screaming holy crap am I really back here?  I wanted to pull out my camera and just take photos of the room.  There were people milling about, and we took a seat on the couch to take a look at some photos that Billy Joe had taken.  At one point Jamey Johnson walked into the room, he’d just finished singing with Bill Anderson on stage.  Me, oh yeah, I’m cool, this sort of stuff happens all the time to me.  NOT! I no doubt looked like the Cheshire Cat sitting there in the chair smiling that Mona Lisa smile.

Then the sharing of the photos began that Billy Joe had brought for Amy.  Yes, there were photos of Willie and members of his band performing on stage.  To a person from the outside, that’s probably what it would appear.  But as Amy picked up each photo and looked at the picture, she had a comment for each one.  These were more than just photos of a celebrity, these were photos of her family.  Her reaction was the same as your reaction would be if you were handed a photo from the past of someone that you loved.  For me, it was a very moving experience that I felt honored to be a part of…more abundance.

I was thrilled when some of my friends decided to come along with me to spend the day at the picnic.  I wanted them to experience the event, and I know that they all had a great time.  We had some great stories to share, and a lot of memories were made spending the day with all of the great Texas music.  I can’t begin to count our smiles as we spent time listening to the music and just enjoying being together.

….and tangled up in the middle of all of this was a life lesson…

I’ve been pondering how to put the life lesson into words.  I tend to focus on the positive in life, and to let the negative drop off, as much as I possibly can.  There’s a quote, something I’ve read that’s tugging in the back of my mind that I just can’t pull out to add to this post.  It basically has to deal with not liking something in another person because it’s a trait that you see in yourself that you don’t like.  I had one of those moments on the 4th of July. I had a glimpse back in time to how I once was.  Struggling, feeling the need to have another half complete me as a person.

It’s taken me some time to realize that I complete myself….

I am happy with who I am.  I have an amazing life.  I have friends who add to my life each and every day.  I have experiences that even I can’t believe.  I have two wonderful daughters. I lead a very active and fulfilling life. The list of joy in my life is endless.

My life is filled with abundance…..

I’ve been considering a tattoo.  A word tattoo, abundance of course across my left wrist, in white ink.  That whole pain thing has me a little scared about the whole idea.  Also seeing the good, the bad and the ugly of tattoos yesterday at the picnic has me seriously reconsidering the idea.  I may just pull out a few of these doodle markers that I have and doodle the word abundance on my left wrist.  I could color coordinate it to my mood of the day. The idea was that seeing that word on my wrist would be a reminder of the abundance in my life.  What I realize is that I don’t need a reminder, that feeling of abundance is in my heart each and every day.

Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into. ~Wayne Dyer

Sometimes, the planets just all align…

In my life, that seems to be the norm, not the unusual.  But, still, there are things that happen that make me pause in wonder at the path the Universe seems to put in front of me.  I look at some of the events, and think seriously, she’s making that up, but in fact, it’s all true.

I arrived home on Friday, made a mad dash from the Park and Fly with no time to pick up lunch, pass go or collect $200.  I was late for a team conference call followed by an online training for a doctor I will soon visit in San Francisco.  Frazzled? Most definitely, but not too tired to go out and have some fun with friends.

When I got to the honky tonk, some friends had arrived before me and had pulled two tables together for 8 people.  I suggested we add another table and all three tables were filled during the course of the evening.  I love my times to go out dancing with a large group of friends.  Some of us have met in dance classes, some through friends of friends, but our circle continues to grow into more and more people each week.  When I took my present job, one of my concerns was would I be able to continue dancing, and to continue my MeetUp group.  I spend more days away from home that I do at home most months.

The job has impacted my weeks of 5 or 6 nights of dancing a week.  Most of those nights were spent in dance studios trying to get better at dancing.  Now, when I am home I can’t squeeze in a night at the dance studio, but I am able to still go out and dance.  My friendships and connections have grown, I’m not sure how that happened, it makes no sense, and my dance group of single people who need a dance partner is at 310 people.  When I am away the members do a great job of posting lessons and places to dance and things hum right along.

I think I appreciate my nights out dancing more now that I did in the past.  I don’t get that many opportunities to dance, so I savor every moment, and although I may not have a lot of new dance moves, I can follow along, mostly.

…and when I can’t follow along.  I laugh.  Because dancing is like most things in my life, not taken all that seriously.  I have no desire to become a competition level dancer.  I started taking dance lessons as a way to go out and meet people and to not sit alone on the weekends on my couch knitting and watching movies.  Mission accomplished…

I gave up my Saturday night of dancing this week after I received an invitation from Billy Joe to head to Billy Bob’s in Fort Worth to see Randy Travis in concert.  It was a spur of the moment invitation and I can’t remember the last time I had been at my happiest place on earth, the Stockyards. I was long overdue to make the trip to Cowtown.

On Saturday afternoon I received an email from a friend.  You know that you are not supposed to have favorites when it comes to your kids, I am pretty sure it’s the same way with orthodontic offices that you train.  But, my friend and her husband are my favorite office.  They are not far from me, and I immediately adopted them after working with them for 3 days.  I try to have dinner with them when I am home, but I had not seen them since December.

“The reason I’m emailing you right now is to check and see if there is any chance you are going to Billy Bob’s tonight. We are going and Randy Travis is going to be there so I wanted to see if we were lucky enough to see you too!!!”


I immediately emailed her back and said I would in fact be there.  As part of my adopted Texas family I felt it was my duty as a Texan to introduce them to Cowtown, the Stockyards and Billy Bob’s.  They have been there several times and it makes me smile that they enjoy the place.  When I visited Texas for the first time, a wonderful friend took me there, and I immediately fell in love with the old town feeling.

…and then, there’s Billy Joe.

I took this photo last night in the back area of Billy Bob’s.  The photos on the wall, were taken by Billy Joe.

The never a dull moment, hold onto your hat and watch what happens tonight kind of person who is a part of my life.  We’ve been friends since the first year that I moved to Texas.  He took me to my first Texas State Fair.  We went to hear a band so he could take photos.  We had backstage passes, and we went back to meet the three artists.  Nice people, two guys, and a girl.  I had my picture taken with them, they signed my backstage pass.  An online friend had just told me about this group the week before.  I had never heard them before, but quickly fell in love with their music.  I still love them to this day and feel so happy when I see that Lady Antebellum is doing so well.  🙂

The first time I saw Pat Green in concert was with Billy Joe.  I can remember text messaging my daughter, asking him if she had ever heard of this guy, he was pretty good.  Pat Green is one of my favorite Texas artists, and his song Wave on Wave continues to be one of my favorite songs to dance to…especially with the right partner so I can sing along while dancing.  I also had a great moment at Billy Bob’s seeing Lee Ann Womack…with Billy Joe.  Jerrod Nieman with my dear friend Lindsay, Willie Nelson with Syed and quite a few people by myself (yes, it’s ok to go places alone) the Bellamy Brothers, Willie Nelson’s 4th of July Picnic, Jr Brown and Ronnie Dunn.  Billy Bob’s is a venue that gives you a chance to see musical acts not from a seat in the nosebleed section, but within feet of the artists.  I’ve sat in the front row, I’ve sat in the back row and each of those experiences hold special memories for me.

I did get to connect with my orthodontist and his wife.  I hugged them multiple times, and we talked 90 miles an hour catching up.  We’re going to try to have dinner this week so we can talk a little more.  The doctor just received word that he passed his boards…big news! They have also had some great things at the office.  I experienced so much JOY just being with them.

I am not a religious person, I do believe in the power of the Universe and I think that the Universe works through me, and works through others to align things to happen.  I find that the more grateful I am for the marvelous happenings in my life, the more things continue to come into my life that make me say WOW…

…there’s some kind of magic happening in Cowtown, it’s no wonder it is my happiest place on earth.

My life is filled with abundance, joy, love, laughter, music, dancing, friends and those giant huggin’ the stuffin’ hugs.


I love a parade

Maybe two parades actually, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade and the Rose Bowl Parade.  Yesterday I was in the Flower Mound Christmas parade.

My last recollection of riding in a car in a parade was for the Miss Chick contest, far too many years ago than I want to admit.  I was in high school, dressed in all of my feathered up finery riding on the back of a convertible.  I wish I could find a photo of that ensemble.  No, I was not dressed like a chicken, nor did I have a rubber chicken in the car with me.  I did do the queen’s wave the entire route.  I was such a shy person back then, I can’t imagine how challenging that had to have been for me to be in a beauty pageant.

Last week I received an invitation from my friend Mike to ride in this parade with him. Mike belongs to a group of Smart Car owners and the were to portray Santa’s eight reindeer with their cars in the parade.  I’m always teasing Mike about his baby car, Tweeti.  It’s bright yellow, and how can one not smile when seeing such cuteness?  I did tell him that I would ride in the car, as long as I didn’t have to dress up like Big Bird.

My oh my I had to be up EARLY on a Saturday morning for this parade.  But, I consoled myself with the fact that when I got home I could have a nap.  I had been out the night before with friends and decided I needed a 5 Hour Energy to get me going, it worked wonders.

We met in the Sprouts parking lot, for you non Texans, that’s a local natural foods grocery store. Good grief, it was cold by Texas standards.  I was bundle up with a coat, scarf and gloves on, and my festive  holiday angel headband on.  I was read for some fun and adventure.  The members of the car group were soooooooooooo nice and welcoming.  I walked around all of their cars and truly appreciated their enthusiasm and passion for their baby cars. I loved the bumper stickers and emblems on their cars. Once the gaggle of cars had gathered we made our way to the staging area. Gaggle is my term, probably in this case, since the were reindeer, I should call them a herd.

I was part of the decorating Tweeti team.  Mike had lights inside and a garland and lights to decorate the outside of the car.  Tweeti also had antlers, a red nose, and a tail that had been crafted by one of the car club members.  It made me giggle as I walked around the car slapping bows all over like a package.  Wow, these people went all out in decorating their cars.  There were snowflakes, blow up Christmas decorations and all sorts of garland.  One owner had made a giant hook for the top of her car that made it look like a Christmas ornament.

My hands were so cold!  But it was a morning filled with laughter and camaraderie that I enjoyed being a part of. When the cars were decorated and ready for the parade, we made our way to the next stop in our staging area, just in front of the fire station. That is where the float would be carrying Santa.  One of my funniest memories of the morning was when Santa came out of the fire station, took one look at the cars and did a great big Ho Ho HO! These reindeer were for sure a sight to behold!

There’s a lot of waiting time in being in a parade.  Because we were the big intro to Santa, we were at the end of the parade.  Christmas music was blaring from the smart cars, and lots of laughter.  I joked with Mike at the number of people in the parade, and asked him if there would be anyone left to actually watch the parade.  I got a kick out of the people with their dogs dressed up ready to march in the parade.

At about 10:30 we were on the move.  There were people lined up on the streets to watch the parade.  I loved seeing the smiles on the faces of the people as we drove by.  There was lots of waving, and a very cool thing that gave me that hometown feeling as my friend Maria used to say.  As we drove down the street people waved, and yelled Merry Christmas.  It was such a simple thing, but genuine and sincere.  Kids on the edge of the street had bags stuffed with enough candy to rival a night out trick or treating.  Yes, Flower Mound is much larger than most of the towns and small town parades I attended in Ohio. But the feeling of joy and community was just the same.  One of the reasons I moved to Texas was the friendliness I felt from the people of Texas.

Yee Haw! I do love my life in Texas, the adventures and the people who add so much to my life with new adventures and experiences.  Thanks to Mike and Tweeti for a great morning, and a wonderful holiday experience.

My day was amazing….

It was one of those days that a person will sit back in their rocking chair late in life and tell the tale of a glorious Texas day.

Once upon a time, when I lived in the cornfields of Ohio a friend (JD) introduced me to cowboy poetry and Texas swing. At that point in my life, I sorta figured I would spend the rest of my life living in Ohio. I hadn’t made a visit to Texas yet, and fallen in love with the state. It was a new art form to me, and I can remember having to order a CD from Amazon. I don’t remember the name of the CD, but I do remember that one of the artists was Don Edwards. There were songs on the CD that made me giggle, and songs that made me sad. It was so far outside of anything that I had ever heard, I fell in love.

I never in my life back in those days would have imagined the life that I lead now. Every year there is a gathering at my happiest place on earth, the Red Steagall Festival. The day is packed full of Texas swing music, cowboys and cowboy poets. I’ve been a few times, for a part of the day, in the rain and the blistering heat. Last year as I dodged the raindrops I had such a great day, savoring the poems and the songs being performed live. I thought it was the best day ever….until yesterday.

I woke up to weather in the 80’s, nothing but big Texas blue sky and sunshine. I packed a bag and was ready for my adventure to Cowtown. My first stop was to pick up my ticket at the will call window. While standing in line someone behind me asked me if the ticket was just for the trade show, no I explained you get to see the really good stuff like the poets and to hear the swing music.

I wandered through the vendor building admiring the spurs, the handmade saddles and the artwork. The entire building smelled of both leather and horses. It just set the mood and the tone for the day. There were cowboys everywhere, not the fake kind that you see at the honky tonk or the dance halls. Their boots had a bit of a wear to them, and there were quite a few that were sporting spurs, tight jeans and giant belt buckles…oh my.

I made my way into the music tent and settled in to listen to the performers for the afternoon. I enjoyed the music of Jean Prescott, Dan Roberts and my favorite the Quebe Sisters. A family of four sat down next to me. They were from Oklahoma, and lived on a ranch. I got the biggest chuckle at the dad of the group sitting next to me and belting out all of the tunes along with Dan Roberts, priceless.

After the music I decided to head to the Star Cafe for my favorite blue cheese bacon burger and their homemade fries. There was a line out the door but I was able to get a table pretty quickly. I took in the people around me, their dress as varied as the places that they were from. The place was filled with tourists, cowboys and people dressed in period costume. I felt recharged and made my way to the cowboy poetry performances.

Cowboy poetry has always amazed me. One by one, the performers stand up and recite a very long and detailed poem. Not just one poem, but as many as 10 poems. Some of the poems make you laugh hysterically, some of the poems make you all teary eyed. They always tug at your emotions. My favorite poet of the day was Yvonne Hollenbeck. It was my first time seeing a female cowboy poet, and after spending a great deal of time living on a farm, and being a farmer’s wife I could identify with some of her poems.

The arena for the cowboy poetry is the arena that is used to sell livestock. The seats are worn, and there’s no air conditioning. It is definitely a step back in time. I stayed to watch the first half of Red Steagall performing, it all seemed pretty similar to the performance from last year. I was a woman on a mission I had a place to be.

At 5:30, Don Edwards was to perform in the musical tent. Don Edwards, the guy that I had listened to on a CD years and miles and a lifetime ago in Ohio. He had me at the first yodel as he sang songs that were familiar to me as well as songs that I had never heard. I fought back the tears several time during his singing. He sang a song called that left me in stitches, but when he ended the show with This Land is Your Land I lost it. I felt honored to be a part of a capacity audience to hear the thoughts and the music of Don Edwards.

By this point in the day, I needed a rest. I headed to my hotel, about 10 minutes away and rested for an hour, hit the shower and headed back to cowtown for part 2 of my adventure. I went back to the music tent, they were having a swing dance from 9 to 1. I loved the music, and there were songs in the set that had to have had my guardian angels dancing. The one that got to me the most was Heartaches by the Number, wow, I can remember my mom playing that song when I was a kid. I know she was loving that song, because I sure was.  The steps were a bit different in swing dancing, but I did see a bit of east coast swing, and a combination of different sorts of steps.  I would venture to guess that when the people were dancing in airplane hangars, these were the dances the folks in the country were dancing in their barns.

It was time to head to Billy Bobs, I had a front row seat to see Ronnie Dunn.  It’s funny, this was a concert that I thought I was going to miss, I thought I was going to be out of town.  When I realized I was going to be home, and in Fort Worth for the Red Steagall Festival, it seemed a perfect combination.  (That’s why I decided to spend the night at the hotel, no driving back in the middle of the night home.)  A typical Saturday night at Billy Bobs the place was packed with people.   I bought an adult beverage and a water and found my way to my seat.

Wow, my seat was very close to the stage.  Billy Bobs is a great place to see a concert, especially with seats so close to the stage.  It’s nothing like those concerts I used to see in big venues and arenas.  You actually make eye contact with the performers.  I was ready for this show to begin….yet, there was some sort of delay/stalling happening–perhaps because there was a World Series Game happening, and Mr. Dunn was singing the national anthem?

I enjoyed every single minute of this show.  I have always liked Brooks and Dunn, but I also fell in love with Ronnie Dunn’s solo album.  The show was a nice mixture of both the old and the new.  There were lots of opportunities to sing along and I was dancing in my seat big time!

One of my guardian angels was a dear friend of mine, Maria, who died way too young.  I believe that she along with my mom keep an eye on me.  When I hear the song, My Maria I always feel that she is near me.  If I am out dancing and that song comes on, I tend to grab the closest man and drag him out on the dance floor, for me it’s a way to celebrate life and her memory.  I guess it never occurred to me that I would hear this song at the Ronnie Dunn concert.  But, the song was there, towards the end of the night and I had another I can’t hold back the tears moment.

I am not sure I can put into words all of the emotions that I felt yesterday.  I found myself teary eyed quite a bit, I laughed quite a bit and I just enjoyed the day, enjoyed my life.  That my friends is why we are here, to live each and every day to the fullest.  There are times that even I lose sight of that fact.

It was also a reminder that life is constantly evolving and changing.  I would have never EVER thought I would get to see Don Edwards perform, yet the planets aligned and I had a very special moment, and also a special memory of JD and being introduced to this art form.

My life is filled with abundance. I am grateful for these out of the blue wonderful days that make me feel alive, and so grateful for the life that I have.  Yee Haw!

Nothing is impossible my friends…when you believe.

3 for 30 ~ Day 1

Back in 2007 I was part of a group of friends who decided for 30 days to post 10 photos to Flickr.  We were all pretty new to this online social media stuff and thought it would be a fun way to connect.  It was a challenge to find 10 things in your corner of the world to take photos of that might actually mean something.  What we didn’t realize at the time was that it would be a way to connect and get to know our new friends even better.  When I heard there was a project to do this again with friends I thought it would be fun.  I’m also challenging myself to do a blog post for the next 30 days.  If I have wifi on the road that is.

Today’s photos feature a few of my favorite things in Texas.

My very first visit to Texas was in March of 2003.  My time in Texas in 2003 made me fall in love with the place.  I spent 3 days with my friend Carol and during that stay we went to The Stockyards in Fort Worth also known as Cowtown.  It’s definitely a tourist spot, but so rich in history and culture.   At one point in time I thought I would move to Fort Worth when I finally made the move to Texas.  It was not meant to be, and I really like my corner of the world in Dallas.  I have the flexibility to go in all different directions to do things and to enjoy my life.  But The Stockyards for me is my Happiest Place on Earth.

The second three days of that maiden Texas voyage was spent in the Hill Country of Texas.  I was fortunate to have a guided tour put together by my friend JD.  Down to what exit to stop for kolaches, the perfect bed and breakfast, and turn by turn instructions to get me to some very beautiful country. It was a life changing trip.  Who knew 8 years later I would be hopping in my car on a whim on a Saturday afternoon and driving to Fort Worth just to recharge my spirit.

You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition.  What you’ll discover will be wonderful.  What you’ll discover is yourself.  ~Alan Alda

There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more
painful than the risk it took to blossom.  ~Anaïs Nin

I spent this afternoon enjoying a live like you were dying afternoon.  There were things to do, reports to write, emails to send, laundry to do, apartment that could use some dusting and sweeping.  All of those things will keep.  My day started with a major reality check of living life to the fullest.  I like most people get caught up in the small things sometimes, and let them control my days.  In the big scheme of life, looking back in the rear view mirror things that were monumental just a few years ago are just memories and really weren’t all that big of a deal to start with.

I’m looking forward to this 3 for 30 project.  My group is using Flickr, think about doing this on Facebook with your friends. (We didn’t really use Facebook in 2007 when I last did this project.  Nor did I have a cellphone that takes better pictures than my camera.)

….for 30 days, take a look around you, take a look at your life and what really matters and share it with friends.


P.S. JD? I yee haw-ed enough for both of us today, and sat in the window seat in your honor.  🙂

P.S.P.S to my guardian angels…I thought you’d like the $7.00 tip for the waitress on a bill that was only $13.00.  That one was for the both of you. 🙂

Everybody…get on the floor let’s dance…

I’ve been doing lots of dancing. I’ve been headed out to lessons and the local honky tonk and dancing 3-4 nights a week.  I’m having a blast.  If you would have asked me even 6 months ago if I would have imagined doing this I would have laughed.  I had no idea how much joy this hobby would bring to my life.

Last night I headed out for a waltz lesson.  I caught up with a few friends at the local honky tonk and we laughed and danced and had a really fun evening.  We were there from 7:30 to 12:00 and I never felt tired or worn out from dancing all night.  In fact I was surprised at how much stamina I seemed to have.  We jumped out and tried a few line dances, we danced to *oldies* from back in the day and country danced.  About 11:00 the crowd seemed to change. It was a mixture of cowgirls in Daisy Dukes and boots and serious country western dancers that had me flat out staring as they danced.

I also learned last night why so many of the men had on cowboy hats.  It seemed to be a dancing accessory. They would do some wild and crazy move and then tip their hat, or remove it and make a gesture to their partner.  I still have no idea how they kept from bumping into each other, they were all over the floor, dancing some style that I had no clue what it was.  But it looked damn good, and I was jealous.

There was one couple who were all over the place, covering every empty space on the floor.  The word that came to mind when watching them was JOY.  I stopped the lady going back to her seat and told her how much I was enjoying their dancing.  Her face lit up and she grinned from ear-to-ear.   I smiled too, cause I understand that kind of joy when dancing, even though I am still very much a newbie to all of this.

But, newbie or not, I decided it was time to buy a pair of dancing shoes.  I have been wearing a pair of flats that I bought at the shoe store.  It’s a challenge to find shoes that don’t have rubber soles.  I followed the trail to a shoe place near Plano and was able to find a pair of dancing shoes on the half price rack.  They came in a nice carrying bag. I already knew that one does not wear their dancing shoes outside.  Yes, these are open toed, I have to show off my sassy toes.  My feet may take a beating, but I don’t get stepped on all that much, it’s worth it.

I’m walking in a 5K tomorrow.  On my way over to pick up my t-shirt and runner’s bib I drove past a huge equestrian center.  Next to the center was a polo field.  I have decided that I need to go to see a polo match now.  I’ve tracked down the schedule, the matches are free. Why the heck not? Life is about having fun and new experiences.

..or at least, that’s what I want my life to be about…

Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint on it you can. ~Danny Kaye