The Dash

In bits and pieces I’ve continued to make connections on the web site.  I’ve managed to connect myself to 822 people and counting and on one side of my family I’ve traced back to my 7th great grandfather.  It’s interesting, there are documents and photos of graves and obituaries.  That’s all the government record types of things.  It’s great, but it’s got me to thinking that there are stories about these people.  I’m interested in that dash between the years on the tombstone photos that are posted.

So, I’ve challenged myself to start posting photos, and to write some stories about some of the memories I have of some of the people in my family tree.  I don’t have many memories prior to my parents divorcing when I was 12.  But I have enough for a few paragraphs about some aunts and uncles, my parents and a few cousins.

I have noticed that as I posted the photos today, there is someone who is connected to my family tree that has added the photos of my mom to their family tree.  I’m pretty sure the same thing will be done with the stories.  I’d like to preserve some of those memories for my children, but I would also like some of my distant and not so distant family to know much more about my family than just the technical stuff.  I want to share some of their life that’s inside of that dash.

I’ll share my stories here too.  It feels kinda nice to get back into the habit of writing more. 🙂

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