Once upon a time…

I’m not sure when she crossed my path, when she got my attention.  But one day in my tweet stream I notice a few friends talking to Miss Dazey.  Miss Dazey isn’t your typical social media web guru, but she is a bit different from most people in my tweet stream.  She’s not some in the know young chick.  She writes a blog called the Elder Generation.  Sometimes I catch a link to her blog posts and read her fun stories.  Sometimes I catch what she is up to on Facebook.  She always has a happy greeting for me when our paths cross on Twitter.  I’ve never met Miss Dazey, I’ve never talked to her on the phone but she follows my adventures, she sends me e cards and she does special things for me out of the blue that make me smile.

We exchanged snail mail addresses and I began sending Miss Dazey and Mr. Bruce post cards from my travels.  Somewhere along the way Miss Dazy and her non-social media husband Mr. Bruce sort of adopted me.  Yes, I know, it’s the interwebz silly, how can you make friends with these random strangers?  But Miss Dazey and Mr. Bruce are my friends, and we have a mutual admiration society going on.  They are great people who add to my life.

Miss Dazey has to be Jeanne Robertson‘s biggest fan.  I had never heard of Jeanne before Miss Dazey and I became friends.  She began introducing me to Jeanne’s humor with links, an iTunes gift card to buy some of Jeanne’s routines and for Christmas she and Mr. Bruce bought me two tickets to see Jeanne perform in Dallas.  I was hoping with my crazy schedule that I would be in town.  Miss Dazey fussed over just the right seats, and she was excited for me to see Jeanne perform live.

I chose my companion for the evening carefully.  I knew that my friend Lindsay would appreciate the humor of Jeanne.  We had a great dinner out and made our way to the Majestic Theater in downtown Dallas.  I have never been there, it is a beautiful old theater with lots of gold leaf and a giant chandelier in the lobby.  Lindsay and I made our way to the front of the theater and settled in for a night of fun.  I laughed until I had tears in my eyes.  Jeanne absolutely did not disappoint.  If laughter is good for the soul, my soul took a few giant leaps forward.  I’m pretty sure my guardian angels also got a kick out of the show.  I could feel them there with me enjoying the laughter.

Lindsay and I waited in line to get our photo taken with Jeanne.  I was also on a mission to give Jeanne a giant huggin’ the stuffin’ hug from Miss Dazey.  Jeanne could not have been more genuine and sincere.  It was a real hug and when I mentioned Miss Dazey, Jeanne’s eyes just lit up.  Even the guy taking the photos knew who Miss Dazey was, I knew she was famous!  Jeanne could not say enough nice things about Miss Dazey and all that she does to promote her and her shows.

One day I am convinced that I will meet Miss Dazey and Mr. Bruce in person.  For now, I will continue to send them post cards and keep in touch online.  The tickets were a very generous and special Christmas gift.  The real gift is their friendship, and their inspiration of living life to the fullest.

Thank you Jeanne for the fun filled evening.  I can’t remember that last time I laughed so hard. Thank you to Miss Dazey and Mr. Bruce for such a special gift.  Thank you for Lindsay for sharing the adventure with me.

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