Sigh, it’s time for a change…

Dear Dick,

Our New Year celebrations together are coming to an end this year.  For most of my life I spent that magical moment when the old year ends and the new year begins with you.  I never cheated on you with other end of the year television celebrations. Sigh, it’s been hard since moving to Texas, seeing the ball drop in Times Square at 11 Texas time just wasn’t the same thing. But still Dick I continued to love you, even after the stroke and in spite of the fact that you cheated on me with that wife of yours.

Yes, there was that one time years and years ago that I ventured from the couch and went to a New Year’s Eve bash at a local firehouse.  I’m sure there was very little dancing involved that night, and we talked through out differences and worked it out for another 20+ years.  There was another epic NYE in 2007 with the pink tiara, boa and argyle flannel pajamas that somehow included lemon drop shots and an entire bottle of Gray Goose vodka.  Even that year I managed to find the tv and do the 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 countdown thing with you.

Tonight, I’m going to go out and have my own New Year’s Rocking Eve, Texas style!  I’ll be wearing my gettin’ lucky boots and some sort of New Year Celebration tiara.  I’ll dress up a bit more than our NYE moments, I know that you will understand, going out braless and in my jammies to celebrate at the honky tonk could be frowned upon. I know every year that you kinda sorta overlooked the fact that I didn’t dress up for you.

Tonight instead of sitting alone in my apartment, watching the ball drop, I’ll be out dancing and celebrating with friends.  I plan on an evening of joy and laughter to celebrate an amazing 2011.  Maybe all of those that I love will not be close enough for me to hug, but they will feel my love, remember the hugs from the past, and know that I am thinking of them.

You know this was bound to happen sooner than later Dick.  Try to be strong tonight, without me there with you.  Be brave my friend.



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