Chinese massage….

My life is filled with adventure, and I rarely say no to new things—well, I did say no to skydiving last night.  I spent a great day with my friend Carol today.  We went out to lunch, and attempted to sit on a patio, but even with the sun, the wind made it brrrrrrrrr outside.  We decided to eat inside and had a fantastic Italian meal for lunch.  It gave us a chance to catch up on what was happening with each of us since the last time we were together.  She had a great idea that we have a Chinese foot massage, and why not make it a bonus and add a back massage as well.

I’ve never experienced a Chinese massage. I’ve had the pedicure massage, for the most part it feels wonderful.  I’ve had a variety of different massages in my life. Each one a very pleasant experience.  How could I say no to an offer of a foot and a back massage?

The massage place was small.  The doors were locked, they were at lunch.  When the masseuse returned we found that there were three chairs and they needed to call in another person to do the second massage.  Think low light, soothing oriental music and your feet in a nice warm bath.  Ahhhhhhhhh this was fantastic, so relaxing, a nice chair to lean back in.  It was pure heaven.  I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the warmth of the water, the calm environment, what a great way to spend the afternoon.

Enter the second masseuse and we were ready to go.  The massage started with a head massage, a face massage and some wild ear rub that I can’t begin to describe.  I hate having my ears touched.  Just the thought of it makes me scrunch up my shoulders to protect my ears, but this was wonderful.  She moved down to feet and I was ready for the pleasure to continue.

Ummmm…this is where things changed a WHOLE bunch.  That nice rubbing of the top part of my body took an ugly turn when the lady hit my feet.  No, she didn’t actually hit my feet, she innocently moved to my feet and I’m picturing soothing touches, and manipulation.  What I didn’t expect was pressure and pain so intense at times that I wanted to call out for my mama!  My eyes were covered, I told Carol that was so the queen of torture did not have to see the tears in my eyes, or the grimace on my face.  Wow, the experience was all over the chart from heat, chills to yeouch that hurts pain as she worked the pressure points in my feet.  I had heard about reflexology before, but I had never experienced it.   Carol was in the chair next to me, she had been through this once before.  I had pretty much decided that I must be more of a delicate flower than I realized, I didn’t hear her crying out in pain, maybe I was just a wuss?

We survived the foot massage and they lead us each into another room for the back massage.  I’ve been battling an aching back all week, I almost opted out, if they beat the heck out of my feet, what was my back in store for?  I figured if my back started to hurt I could say, STOP.  My masseuse did not speak English, only Chinese.  Our communication was through a series of nods and gestures.  She motioned to the table and gave me sign language that I interpreted that she wanted me to take off my shirt.  That didn’t seem an unusual request, I’ve done that for a massage before.  She motioned to my capris and I figured ok.  If she would have just said, “Get naked I plan to ride you like a dimes store pony.” That I would have understood. 🙂

….and my friends, that’s pretty much what happened….

Silly me, I kept my bra and panties on.  She unhooked my bra and whipped that baby off, the girls were free!  I kept thinking  to myself, this is an experience that I am going to have to write about.  I honestly was not prepared for her  to climb onto the table and begin massaging my back.  I felt no pain in my lower back, it actually was starting to feel better.  I was pushed, pulled and stretched in all sorts of ways.  The masseuse was on the side of the table, on top of the table, on the edge of the table and I swear I thought she was going walk on my back any second.  It was pretty funny, and I can only imagine what it looked like, and thankfully there were no cameras.

After all was said and done, I felt wonderful, incredibly relaxed and I know I will go back again.  My feet take a beating, I stand on them all day when I am training, I dance on them and I walk a lot.  I guess even though it felt like torture, this experience was good for me today, good for my health and well being.  I focus on my mind, my mental health and well being, I think for awhile I’m going to focus on the physical side of me, it can use a little work. Seriously, can’t most of us?


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