3 for 30 ~ Day 5

While in Niagara Falls, I’m staying in a boutique hotel.  It’s off the beaten path, kinda smallish when compared to the hotels in the area, but very nice.  Because it’s winter time here, the rate is quite reasonable.  When I told my trainees where I was staying this week, they had never heard of the hotel, and Googled to make sure I was in a decent neighborhood.  I didn’t understand that until I started making my drive back and forth to the office this week.  They suggested I stay close to the falls, better hotels and more places to eat.

I see now why they were concerned about my hotel choice.  There are literally dozens of hotels, probably well over 100 not all that far away from the falls.  In their day, they were probably quite the places to stay.  By today’s standards, they are very run down, and most are probably just hanging on to keep in business.  But they do have a sort of character about them.  From a distance, I’m not sure I’d actually like to stay there—not that I haven’t stayed at those types of hotels in the past.

A long lost part of Americana perhaps?

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