3 for 30 ~ Day 3

I safely crossed the border into Canada today…but not without being sent to the *office* and made to sit in the corner, ok not the corner, but I had to sit on a really ugly chair while people pointed, stared and picked up the phone and called to talk about me.  It appears that driving across the border gets me just as much attention as flying into Canada and going through customs.  After getting things lined up for my week here I ventured down to find Niagara Falls.

It’s cold here…brutally cold and I tugged on my hat and wrapped my warm scarf around my neck to walk down to the falls.  Wow, I wasn’t expecting the snow to be there in the falls.  It was definitely a photo moment.  I took some night photos using my phone, I’ll post them when I get back into the states this week.


I came back to the hotel, unpacked, ironed some clothes and prepared the little gift bags for my students tomorrow.  The room was all warm and snuggly, but I decided that if I was going to venture down to take a picture of the falls with the lights tonight was going to be the night.  It’s almost a carnival like atmosphere on the street leading down to the falls.  There are all sorts of family type activities, I guess once you see the falls, it’s not exactly a spot where you can hang out for hours.  There are a lot of things to do, but this time of the year, most of them are closed or are only open on the weekends.  That’s ok, I was happy to get to see the falls, it was a first for me.


My reward when I got back to the hotel room shivering and shaking was a bath in this whirlpool bath in my room.  This hotel is great.  Big fluffy towels, a warm robe, bath salts, it was just too inviting, and I was cold.  Wow, talk about heaven…I slipped into the water up to my neck and let the outside world slip away.

There are times when you find a hotel online that when you arrive, the photos are very deceiving.  For the first time, the photos aren’t nearly as good as the room actually is. It’s the off season, so the hotel is very reasonably priced.  It’s cozy with a fireplace, the wonderful tub and a shower that comes with a page of instructions.  There are all sorts of knobs and shower heads.  This place was billed as a romantic get away…heck I’m worth a little romancing, aren’t I?

Whenever I think of Niagara Falls I always think of this Three Stooges routine…

Tomorrow I hit the ground running and start to work.  The days will be long, and I won’t have much energy at the end of the days.  The life of the Road Warrior Princess doesn’t include a lot of time for sightseeing and doing fun things.  I try to find things here and there to add to my life. I see this as an opportunity to find places that I would like to visit again.

These times make up for the flight delays, the lost luggage, the challenging weeks.  It’s like anything else in life, adding a positive spin brings positive things to your life.


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