3 for 30 ~ Day 2

It’s Sunday, so that means it’s time for the Road Warrior Princess to make preparations for her next week’s adventure.  I like to use the word adventure because saying I’m going to work could make this process seem dull and boring.  You know I’m all about huggin’ the stuffin’ out of life on this tour.

I pack my suitcase often enough that it’s a no brainer these days.  My destination this week is going to be cold..and it will not surprise me to see a little snow.  I’ve been spoiled on the past few trips to have nice weather.  This trip is going to require warm sweaters and gloves again.  Yes, I do wear that much pink. It’s ok, I like pink.


I have a smaller group to train this week, so I was able to change things up a bit. I found two notebooks that have pockets to store the handouts for my trainees.  There’s even a place to insert my business card.  I found pens with a little pink in them, and of course a few things for the sweet tooth.  Skittles, Smarties and Life Savers.  I’ll package things up when I get to my destination, it’s much easier to fit them into my suitcase this way.  The Skittles actually make me chuckle.  I’ve been infamous for my love of Skittles long before becoming a Road Warrior Princess.  Red Skittle out is a term that we use when training the newbies on using the Mac.  (Who would have EVER thought I would be teaching people to use a Mac?)

This seems to be standard pack in my briefcase sort of stuff.  Post card stamps, a folder for this week’s training containing information on my location etc., my passport, a thank you card for the group and my new travel companion my Garmin aka Garmi-Lucy.  I have a few more things to prepare for my trip, but this is the start.  I love this thank you card, it is so me.  On the outside is a dancing girl..and on the inside it says, “Get ready for the thank-you dance!”


The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.  ~Jimmy Johnson

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