I went 3 for 3 tonight on my 2011 goals, that’s a great way to start off my year.  I’m smiling from head to toe.

I headed to downtown Dallas to the arts district to attend a concert featuring Jim Brickman with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra.  The ticket was a Christmas gift from my daughter Shelly.  I’ve made lots of trips downtown during the day, but at night by myself, not so much.  I left early, you never know what sort of traffic you might hit in that corner of the world. It was an uneventful drive, I even found the parking garage and the Meyerson Symphony Center without any challenges.  Yeah me!

I decided to have the dinner buffet at the Meyerson, the food was great.  It was a nice relaxing way to start the evening.  The bread pudding with cream sauce ended my dinner perfectly.  I headed toward my seat, not quite sure what to expect.  The Meyerson is gorgeous and the Dallas Symphony was wonderful.  I’ve only heard a few orchestras in my time, so I am far from an expert.  The sound in this building is spectacular.  I felt like a tuning fork being struck and the music reverberating through me.  It’s hard to put into words.

I went back and forth between laughter, big smiles and tears tonight.  Jim Brickman sings a lot of love songs.  What a perfect way to celebrate my goal of love in 2011.  I found myself thinking of you, yes YOU…the people that ripple so much love into my world.  I let the music fill me, and just enjoyed being in the moment.  Song after song tugged at my heart and made it’s way inside of my soul.  The evening was filled with much more than a talented guy playing the piano.  There were singers, comedy and great musicians that added to the evening.
This was the way that I was meant to hear Jim Brickman in concert.  It was meant to be an experience, a memory to last a lifetime.  The evening was more wonderful than I could have ever imagined.  I will take away from this a happy place in my heart.  The happiness I feel is the love in the music, and the love in my heart for my daughter—what an incredible gift she gave to me tonight.

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