3 words…3 wishes?

For the past week or so I’ve been thinking about the new year and though I don’t make resolutions, I liked to add a few goals, and three things to my bucket list each year.  Sometime yesterday in either on my Facebook wall, or my Twitter stream, I saw a post from Chris Brogan about setting the tone for the new year with just 3 words.  At first I thought, I could never limit myself to just 3 words.  But after further reflection I decided that is just what I plan to do for 2011.

I have a vision board that’s constantly evolving with dreams, hopes and goals.  It’s interesting to see things shift and change, and especially completed on that board.  Some of you will see my three words and perhaps toss the bullshit flag.  After all, these words have been common themes in my life for quite some time.  True enough…but I’m more than ok with the life that I life. My hope is to take things related to these three words to another level.

When I started my transition from Ohio to Texas I would look at *opportunities* and say yes or no, based on one statement–will these get me closer to Texas? That’s my philosophy with my life for 2011.  How do decisions help me to achieve my three words for 2011?

Love – I want to fill my life with even more love this year.  I had a few friends over for lunch this week.  I was in the kitchen all morning and had the best time sitting around my table.  Eating, laughing and having a great time.  At one point I wavered thinking that taking them out to lunch would have been cheaper and easier.  But these people are important to me, they matter and were worth the effort to cook.  Each of them said my apartment looks like me.  True enough it does.  Yesterday I rearranged my living room and put furniture at new angles.  It does reflect my life at the moment.  I’m looking at life at new angles, and pondering some gradual changes, and some big changes in 2011.  I will continue to ripple out love into the world-think tidal wave proportions.

Happiness – You know the saying, it’s a journey, not a destination.  Happy is part of who I am, it’s what helps to keep me in balance.  Why in the world would I ever do things that will not make me happy?  There was a time, when I would have–to make other people happy.  I’ve moved past that need in my life.  I tell people all of the time that the charitable projects that I work on, the cards that I send, the love and encouragement that I share with people in my world are purely selfish.  It makes me happy.  I will find more ways in 2011 to make happy a constant state of being.

Adventure – I am on the verge of a year of major travel, also known as my huggin’ the stuffin’ out of job tour.  I believe that this job came into my life at this point in time for a reason.  I can choose to fly to my destination, work and spent the evenings in a hotel room.  Or I can make a point to find friends who live near to share dinner.  I can find something unique about each spot and make a point to visit.  I can open myself up to the possibilities of being on the road more than I am home.  I will find ways to celebrate each and every place that I visit no matter how small or out of the way, and I’ll share my adventures through photos and stories.

This year is filled with much promise…

New Year, New Journey, New Memories…I can’t wait!

Those  2011 additions to my bucket list:

  1. After watching the Rose Bowl Parade this morning, I’ve decided that it’s a place I need to be, something I need to see and I will find a way to make it happen.
  2. I want to visit and dance in all of the true Texas Dance Halls.  1. Tom Sefcik Hall, Seaton 2. Anhalt Hall, Anhalt 3. Quihi Gun Club and Dance Hall, Quihi 4. John T. Floore Country Store, Helotes 5. The Stampede, Big Spring 6. Club Westerner, Victoria 7.  The Old Coupland Inn and Dancehall, Coupland 8. Sengelmann Hall, Schulenburg  (I’ve had this Texas Monthly magazine article on my coffee table for a year.  This morning I pulled the pages and added them to my vision board.)
  3. I want to spend a week in the Big Bend area of Texas.

I am pretty excited that out of the things on my current bucket list, I was able to mark something off this year, ballroom dancing.  I took a few ballroom classes, not really a fan.  But I’ve taken country dance lessons for over a year and I love that kind of dancing, so marking it off of my list.
Still to accomplish:

  1. Participate in a Dr. Wayne Dyer workshop
  2. Explore the Pacific Northwest
  3. Take a cross country trip on the back of a Harley
  4. Ballroom Dancing
  5. Travel to see the pyramids, a Mediterranean cruise, Paris, a wild and crazy weekend in Vegas –Mountain vistas in the western states. (Hmmm..my trip to Mendo and the drive down the Pacific Coast Highway may have fulfilled that wish.)
  6. Take a trip to Denmark to see where my ancestors roamed
  7. Parasail
  8. Write a bodice ripper and have it published
  9. Knit an absolutely gorgeous lace shawl

What are your 3 words for 2011?

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