I live a life of abundance….

Abundance doesn’t necessarily mean a large bank account balance, a zippy little convertible sports car, money and things a plenty.  I learned about a year ago that abundance is so much more than that.

I’m constantly nudged by the Universe to take a look at all I have and to be grateful.  I have my health, I have my friends, I have my daughters and I have a zest for life like I have never had before.  It’s strikes me as funny when people look at my big move, the changes I have made in my life and think it’s some major accomplishment.   Each part of that journey started with just a small step and continued to grow.

A few things this week have made me think about how quickly life can change forever and dramatically.  I didn’t know Elmyra “Boo” Jemison, I didn’t follow her on Twitter, she didn’t follow me, but a conversation about her with my friend Duane late Friday night made me realize how lucky I am.  Duane and I talked about not putting off things that you want to do.  I stopped living my life thinking that one day I would try that, or one day I would do something.  Stop that…live in the moment, do what you feel now.  When I saw the link posted to remember Elmyra I didn’t stop and think, I didn’t hesitate I made a donation and passed the information along.

I didn’t know Scott Branch’s (Ipanemic) son Alec either.  I remember crying when I learned that his son had committed suicide.  As a mom, that tugs at your heart, I think you put yourself in that person’s place and wonder what you would do, how could you handle anything so devastating.  I’ve always admired Scott’s talent with a camera.  But in stepping beyond his grief and his pain to find a way to make a change maybe in another child’s life speaks volumes.  It would be easy to sink into the fetal position and just sort of give up on life–I’m not so sure that isn’t what I would have done.

My Facebook random status from last night was, “Everyday brings another chance to make a difference”.  I didn’t know when I wrote that last night that I would have a chance to make a difference so quickly.  It doesn’t take a lot of money, it takes the time to make the effort to do something… DO SOMETHING.

Stop sitting on the sidelines criticizing this political person, or this crazy personality or this organization’s viewpoint and find a way to make a difference in the world.  It’s not rocket science here.  There are ways to contribute to your local community, to causes that you feel passionate about it just takes that first step.  If you’re reading this, you can probably do a Google search.

Just in case, let me help you a bit:

DonorsChoose.org find a project to support. Currently I’m trying to drum up support to fund Weekly Readers for a class .  They need $108 to finish funding the project. Those $5 and $10 donations add up pretty quickly.

No time to volunteer in person? There are thousands of virtual opportunities available.  I have found some great projects on http://www.volunteermatch.org .

Would you like to do something that keeps on giving?   Try Kiva, as the loans are paid off, you have more money to lend again.

I am not independently wealthy..not even close.  I have bills to pay, and at times there’s more month left than money in my checking account.  But I feel the need to give back.  Giving back doesn’t always involve money.  Just your time can be very valuable.

Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.  -Wayne Dyer

What are you waiting for?

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