Standing at the gate…

I went out dancing last night. I know, that’s pretty shocking, I dance several times a week. I never expected that I was going out to learn a life lesson. I didn’t even realize at the time that I was learning a life lesson. It was only today as I was puttering around the apartment thinking about the fun I had last night that it hit me.

Last week, I met Don, a wild and crazy dancing man. When Don dances, it is with joy and abandon, and he is an excellent dancer. He also likes to free spin me like nobody’s business and my reaction is to spin, and to giggle. There weren’t a lot of dancers there last night, so I had several chances to dance with Don. Dancing with him is like dancing in the big leagues.

The last time we danced, Don told me, “If you want to dance, you need to stand at the gate (the opening to the dance floor) so men know that you want to dance. He said men are not comfortable walking up to a table and asking a woman to dance, they don’t want to be rejected.” I always say yes when asked to dance, for me it’s about getting out on the dance floor and moving. I told my friends the story, they challenged me to stand at the gate…of course I walked right over there and stood and alternated between giggling and finding provocative ways to stand to attract attention. Finally I gave a little hand motion to one of my friends and he walked over and led me out on the dance floor.

It made me uncomfortable to stand there, I felt very vulnerable and felt those *Don’t pick me last for kickball* type feeling bubbling to the surface. Thinking about it today, it’s a bit like life. You can sit on the sidelines with friends, in your comfort zone, watching the action happen around you. It’s a fun experience, you still get to dance, but it’s safe. Or you can step outside of your comfort zone, and stand at the gate and let the world know you are ready to be an active participant.

It takes patience to stand at the gate…to watch men walk up, men walk by. Sort of standing at the gate of life, it can take patience to be ready for new opportunities and challenges.

I’m not so much about waiting for life to happen to me…

All know the way; few actually walk it. ~Bodhidharma

2 thoughts on “Standing at the gate…

  1. This reminds me of when I used to do a lot of tango dancing. Always waiting on the sidelines, so to speak, until called to dance and all the subtle nuances of energy and relationship that would happen on the dance floor. The dynamics of the dance floor really do teach us much about life … bravo, Ann!

  2. ROCK IT, ANN! You’re an amazing woman, and a great person. I love that you’re doing so much to make your life work on your terms.

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