Everybody…get on the floor let’s dance…

I’ve been doing lots of dancing. I’ve been headed out to lessons and the local honky tonk and dancing 3-4 nights a week.  I’m having a blast.  If you would have asked me even 6 months ago if I would have imagined doing this I would have laughed.  I had no idea how much joy this hobby would bring to my life.

Last night I headed out for a waltz lesson.  I caught up with a few friends at the local honky tonk and we laughed and danced and had a really fun evening.  We were there from 7:30 to 12:00 and I never felt tired or worn out from dancing all night.  In fact I was surprised at how much stamina I seemed to have.  We jumped out and tried a few line dances, we danced to *oldies* from back in the day and country danced.  About 11:00 the crowd seemed to change. It was a mixture of cowgirls in Daisy Dukes and boots and serious country western dancers that had me flat out staring as they danced.

I also learned last night why so many of the men had on cowboy hats.  It seemed to be a dancing accessory. They would do some wild and crazy move and then tip their hat, or remove it and make a gesture to their partner.  I still have no idea how they kept from bumping into each other, they were all over the floor, dancing some style that I had no clue what it was.  But it looked damn good, and I was jealous.

There was one couple who were all over the place, covering every empty space on the floor.  The word that came to mind when watching them was JOY.  I stopped the lady going back to her seat and told her how much I was enjoying their dancing.  Her face lit up and she grinned from ear-to-ear.   I smiled too, cause I understand that kind of joy when dancing, even though I am still very much a newbie to all of this.

But, newbie or not, I decided it was time to buy a pair of dancing shoes.  I have been wearing a pair of flats that I bought at the shoe store.  It’s a challenge to find shoes that don’t have rubber soles.  I followed the trail to a shoe place near Plano and was able to find a pair of dancing shoes on the half price rack.  They came in a nice carrying bag. I already knew that one does not wear their dancing shoes outside.  Yes, these are open toed, I have to show off my sassy toes.  My feet may take a beating, but I don’t get stepped on all that much, it’s worth it.

I’m walking in a 5K tomorrow.  On my way over to pick up my t-shirt and runner’s bib I drove past a huge equestrian center.  Next to the center was a polo field.  I have decided that I need to go to see a polo match now.  I’ve tracked down the schedule, the matches are free. Why the heck not? Life is about having fun and new experiences.

..or at least, that’s what I want my life to be about…

Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint on it you can. ~Danny Kaye

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