iPad? No, I got an iStone…

One has to laugh in the face of adversity, right? Or at the very least smile?

I woke up an hour early for some strange reason on Friday.  I was dressed and out the door before I realized it.  I decided to come back inside, spend some time with my Twitter friends and head out the door at my normal time.   On the drive into work, I felt a sharp pain in my lower back that seemed to get more intense.  I thought to myself, well, that’s weird I’ve never had a pain in that particular place before.  I had dance lessons the night before, but I didn’t remember twisting or doing unusual.  After about 30 minutes it was pretty obvious that this pain was not going to go away.  I took some Advil, still nothing, so I decided to drive home and rest to see if I could get rid of this Charlie horse or whatever it was.

I realized very quickly that I probably should not have gotten into my car to drive home–but it’s a short drive, and I somehow managed to get home.  The pain got even worse, followed by me violently throwing up.  The flu has been going around at work, that must be what it was.  I tried to rest, but the pain continued to escalate.  At one point I thought I was going to need to dial 911.  Was I having a heart attack?

I’m not sure if the pain went away, or I passed out, but a few hours later I woke up.  I felt a little better, so I went back to work and did a few things.  I decided to stop at the grocery store on my way home from work for some chicken noodle soup.  The pain hit again, and I was barely able to get to the front of the store, pay for my groceries and to get home.  I took some more Advil, not much relief from that.   The pain eased a little and I thought I was in the clear until 2:00 am when it started in again.  I told myself if it wasn’t better in 30 minutes I was going to drive myself to the ER.

I had Googled earlier in the day, thinking this might be gallstones, nope, wrong side.  After the 2:00 a.m. incident I Googled kidney stones, and I had more than a few of the symptoms.  My youngest daughter had kidney stones her senior year in high school–so there was a family history.  (I have a real appreciation now of the pain she went through.)

It’s Saturday morning of course, you know my doctor is nowhere to be found.  I called the office and was forwarded to his service.  Yes, I could talk to a doctor, that will be $15.  I was in pain, no price was to great to pay!  She concurred with my Google diagnosis of kidney stones and suggested I go to an urgent care center.  Phase 2, head to urgent care.  The nurse practitioner started poking around which nearly sent me through the ceiling.  “You need to get to an emergency room, now.”  Oh, and that will be $50.

I stopped at the apartment and picked up some knitting, there’s no telling how long I would be at the ER.  I arrived at the ER parking, and had a semi-melt down.  Not from the pain, but I think more about having to drive myself there, and of course being worried about what was going to happen next.  The last time I have been in an emergency room was when I was a kid and had to get stitches because I was hit in the head with a baseball bat.  (That explains a lot doesn’t it? ) There was not one person in the waiting area.  I was in the system because of some lab work I had done there.  I was quickly taken back to the emergency area, no patients back there either.

My vital signs appeared under control, I had the lab results from the urgent care with me.  So far everyone was agreeing this was kidney stones.  But, it needed to be confirmed with a CT scan.  I undressed and put on a fabulous looking hospital gown and waited for my chariot.  While waiting, I was posting my status to Facebook, and giving play by play details via Twitter.  You might think that was kind of silly, but that was my support network.   No, I didn’t have someone sitting with me waiting for tests, but I had a group of friends, showing concern and making me laugh.

Me: the ct scan tech made me take my bra off…how did he know I still had it on? At least I have pretty toes for all this exposure

Friend: you just take your bra off for anybody who asks you to? sheesh! 😉

It took the edge off of the worry.  The CT scan did confirm a kidney stone, and it has far to go.  I was given an IV and some pain medication and then sent home with 4 prescriptions.  I was thinking I was past the worst of this, until late last night.  I took a pain pill, nothing…the prescription indicates take 1 or 2.  I took the second one, and after about 10 minutes the pain went away, and I was high as a kite.

The pain medication lasts for 6 hours. Trust me, it’s six hours exactly.  I am glad that I went to the emergency room yesterday.  I think it was better than having to dial 911 in the middle of the night.  I’m hoping that the iStone will make it’s exit today.  I keep telling myself that the pain is because it is navigating it’s way through my system.  I’m happy to have another day at home to recover and get past this painful experience.

I was barely home when a friend called to see if I needed anything, a co-worker posted her phone number on Facebook for me to call, and I had supportive messages from all over the place from friends who were concerned about me.  I’m not as brave and tough as I look.  Those small things mean a lot to me.  I know without a doubt that I have people in my life that I can count on when there is a crisis.  It’s nice to know I didn’t need them, but they are there in case I do.

One thought on “iPad? No, I got an iStone…

  1. You are so right hon, we have to just laugh at adversity! Is the medication supposed to dissolve or reduce the stone, or just cause it to get the hell outta there? (It’s been decades since I worked in a hospital so I’m not up on all the latest innovations). Whatever it’s supposed to do, I hope it works – and quick!

    Sending you good wishes for a super-speedy recovery, and big gentle hugs.

    Blessings and love to you,

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