My Facebook Status for Tonight…

Ann dances like she lives her life, full of laughter and fun. Isn’t that the way it’s supposed to be?

I was back at dance class tonight after a 2 week break.  I have never seen so many people who wanted to dance.  We were 20 minutes late getting started so everyone could get checked in.  I was with the biggest group, the intermediate progressive double two-step.  I got to dance a practice dance with my favorite partner before we got started.  He is a good lead, and he doesn’t try to give me dance lessons, we just dance….and I giggle, a lot, when I mess up, or when I do some twisty turning thing and actually get a move right that’s been challenging me. He gets a kick out of my giggles, so it’s all good.
When it came time to start, it was the same routine, “Who needs a dance partner?”  I raised my hand, and looked around and noticed I was not the only woman who was missing a man to dance with.  Sigh, I’ve been here before.  I’m not aggressive enough, I need to start stalking men in the hallway and asking them to dance with me.  I just can’t do that, I still have a little bit of that shy girl from the cornfields inside of me.  Plus I am old school, (that sounds better than old fashioned) I just can’t bring myself to ask a man to dance with me.  I feel the same way about calling men on the phone. I know it’s silly and I am supposed to be liberated and all of that..but I’m not.  Except for when it comes to leading on the dance floor, it takes me awhile to trust the man to lead.

As luck would have it, there was a new guy there, Mike.  The two of us were the only ones left looking for a partner, so it looked like we were a couple.  I asked Mike, “So, have you done this before?”

He looked at me with a twinkle in his eye and said, “A little bit.”

It was clear after one trip across the dance floor that he had done this more than *a little bit*.  He’d actually done it quite a bit.  Oh no, those kinds of dance partners always intimidate me.  He was very patient with me, and teased me about letting him lead.  Busted, guilty as charged…I have a tendency to anticipate what’s going to happen next.  I also am a little nervous the first time I dance with someone new.

I learned a lot from Mike tonight.  For the practice dances we did the progressive double two step and the waltz.  Mike said, “relax and just trust me.”  (Like I haven’t heard THAT before from a man?)  But I did, and really let myself just float and do all sorts of turns while waltzing.  There were brief glimpses of floating along gracefully to the music.  I had a blast and danced every dance.

At the end of the night I gave Mike a hug.  It made no sense to shake his hand after being pressed against each other all night dancing.  I told him I hoped he would be back next week, and he asked me to save him a dance.  That’s what I like about dance class. It’s just people going there, having fun who love to dance, or who are learning to dance.  There’s no smoke, no alcohol, no intentions of *hooking up* it’s all about dancing.  I left there tonight on such a high and with the biggest smile on my face that still hasn’t gone away.

As I was walking out tonight with a few of the other dancers one of the guys said, “I’ve lost my dance partner, I need someone that’s ok with making mistakes and laughing at ourselves.” I stopped, turned around and said, “I’m not sure about the dancing part, but I’ve got the laughing part down.” My favorite dance partner was walking with us, he said, “That’s for sure, she laughs a lot while dancing.” I said “yes, but always at myself.”  Who would want to dance with someone who wasn’t enjoying themselves?

To dance is to be out of yourself.  Larger, more beautiful, more powerful.  ~Agnes De Mille

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