Two requests for help…

I received emails from 2 of the charitable groups that I’ve crafted for.  Won’t you pass this along to anyone who might be inclined to make a donation?

From Donna Ward at Beanies for Baghdad:

Shipping Help Needed
We recently received an awesome donation from TY INC of 1,324 boxes of new beanies.  We are thrilled and quite grateful for the donation but the resources for shipping is out of our budget.  We are seeking donations to make this happen and your help would be very appreciated.  This can be done by going on our website and going through PayPal or send a check or money order to:

Beanies for Baghdad
Attn: Donna Ward
6401 Lincoln Avenue
Evansville, IN

All donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the 501 c3 laws.

From Linda at Contagious Hope:

Hello everyone,
Thanks for taking time in reading this.  I’ll keep it brief and to the point since I know we’re all really busy.
I have received some news that is heartbreaking and I am in need of everyone’s help.

I may be losing my orphanage in Uganda due to the lack of donations that have been coming in-we are over due on our rent and they are getting very cranky (who can blame them).  I am working my tushy off right now trying to save this orphanage.  Although we’re only 2 months behind they are wanting $1600.00 NOW.  This is good and bad-if we (when we) come up with all of this money the orphanage building will be paid off and we will have a sigh of relief!! Remember this is Uganda and the laws aren’t what we’re use to.  I am asking everyone-begging everyone to please make a donation to Contagious Hope ASAP and pass this e-mail to everyone that you know for their help as well.


PO BOX 492

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