Road trip…

I’m headed to Austin this weekend to meet up with all of the social media geeks at SWSW Interactive.  I have a list of no less than 22 people I can’t wait to meet.  The weather should be perfect and I’m little kid on Christmas Eve excited about this trip.  When I was in the cornfields of Ohio I would get brochures for this event, never believing that one day I would be headed that direction.  It may be my one and only time attending, it’s not a cheap venture, but a journey that I want to make.

There’s a bit more to this journey.  I’ve decided as part of my trip south I’m going to retrace part of my first trip to Texas.  Yep, I’ve printed out the itinerary that JD created for me back in 2003 and I will follow the route as far as Canyon of the Eagles.  I hope to be there in time for lunch, then I will drive down to Austin.  It’s a trip I’ve wanted to make. I can’t believe it’s been 7 years since that trip that changed my life path.  It should be prime bluebonnet season and I plan to have my camera and extra batteries and memory cards.  This corner of the world is where I fell in love with Texas.  It’s what drew me to this state and to this life that I now love.  My eyes fill up with tears at just the memories of that first trip and the beauty all around me in the hill country.

I’ll spend the weekend schmoozing with the social media celebrities and being very high tech.  But on the drive down, I plan to have the sunroof open, the windows down, and a collection of country tunes.  I want to feel the wind blowing through my sassy new haircut.  I want to *feel* Texas down to my soul.

Yes..the sassy new haircut.  I decided to go very radical and cut my hair shorter than it’s been in awhile.  I’ve not had it this short in awhile, but wanted to hit SXSW with a new look.  I’ve never had so many compliments on a haircut.  I’m hoping that there may be a decent photo of me taken on this adventure.  Then maybe I’ll share the new look.

Humming Willie Nelson tonight…and thinking about the kolaches in West, Texas on Friday.

2 thoughts on “Road trip…

  1. Cisco’s Bakery in Austin once had the best Tex-Mex breakfast in Central Texas. How about checking for me to see if it still does?

    And TexAnnie sure better “sass us” with a photo of that new hairstyle.

    Happy bluebonnets, Annie darlin’…

  2. I monitored the event via Internet and kept tabs on what the Austin PD was doing…no riots, so evidently TexAnnie behaved very well over the weekend. Here’s hoping we see some of those photos and get your play-by-play observations soon!

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