Cotton Eyed Joe…

I’m home from an afternoon of dancing at Gilley’s.  Once a month there is a gathering of dancers that spend the afternoon at Gilley’s scootin’ their boots across the floor.  There are dance lessons, and practice dances and we all sit down and have a pot luck dinner together and dance some more.  There are always extra women looking for a dance partner, so I don’t feel too out of place.  They find ways to include everyone in and do a few line dances, and dances that rotate the entire group to dance.  It starts at 12:30 and it’s usually 7:00 until I get out of there.  It’s just flat out fun and a great way to get some exercise, practice my dancing and laugh.

When I headed for home tonight it felt so warm outside.  I think the temperature was around 64.  I opened the sun roof and enjoyed the fresh air driving home.  I never tire of that Dallas skyline as I drive into downtown, or drive away after time spent in the city.  It makes me smile and there’s always a big sigh–I really live here.  🙂  I never would have pictured myself dancing at Gilley’s or taking country dance classes here.  I enjoy it and I noticed tonight when I danced with a new partner and just let him lead I was able to follow him mostly.  Chuckling, the lessons must be paying off!  Maybe my confidence is just growing bit by bit?  Or maybe it’s the magic of the python boots?

I danced the 3 step with my usual dance instructor.  He has been very patient with me from the beginning, he also nudged me to try a few things that we didn’t learn tonight.  I can now 3 step, 2 step, progressive 2 step, waltz and a tiny bit of West Coast Swing and East Coast Swing.  Small steps, I’ll get better at all of them as time goes by.

My biggest challenge is just relaxing, and not stressing when I mess up.  Cause we all mess up now and then, even the really good dancers.  I think the joy is in doing, not in being perfect—but the journey to getting better.

“Dancing with the feet is one thing, but dancing with the heart is another.” ~Author Unknown

2 thoughts on “Cotton Eyed Joe…

  1. Leddy Brothers are big-time famous in Fort Worth for their boots, but there’s a new presence in town TexAnnie might need to check out before making that once-in-a-lifetime purchase.

    A good pair of boots will caress the feet as tenderly as a lover’s embrace.

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