Something new…

One of my 2010 goals is to try something new and/or different every month. Last month it was a painting class, tonight it was ballroom dancing. I decided that I was not going to spend tonight home alone, although I could have been watching the Olympics. I found a get-together on Meet that was a singles Valentine’s Day Dance. I haven’t been to a Valentine’s Day Dance since I was in high school. Big sigh, the place was 5 miles from my house and I thought if it is too awful I can leave and come home.

The dance promised short dance lessons, and then we would be doing the waltz, the foxtrot, the rumba, a little salsa and some country dancing thrown in. The dancing seemed to come a bit easier than my first night of Country dance lessons, but learning several dances in a short amount of time I tended to get a few things mixed up. But I laughed, and had patient partners.

Partner number 1 came in with his dance bag and dancing shoes. I’ve learned from my other dance class that when people do that, they are usually quite good. Groan..and he wants to dance with me first? I found myself apologizing, and trying my darnedest to keep up. I at least did not trip him and roll across the floor with him.

Dance partner number two and I were both learning the waltz together, so that seemed a better match. I found myself smiling and not actually watching my feet, maybe things were going to be ok after all.

When we came in they handed us little dance cards. The idea was to fill up your dance cards with the names of men that were there. There were blanks for 5 names on the card, I ended up with three names, but dance partner 5 didn’t last long and ran from the building like his hair was on fire. Thankfully there were a few people who filled in the blanks so I had someone to dance with most of the night.

I’m not going to say that tonight wasn’t hard. It was a giant leap outside of my comfort zone. I seem to be getting braver and braver about going places by myself and learning new things. But, I find that when I am in those situations, that it’s pretty easy to retreat into that shy comfort zone. I’m also pretty old fashioned and I just can’t bring myself to ask men to dance. It just makes me uncomfortable. I do use the time sitting on the sidelines to watch people dance, mostly their feet.

The vision must be followed by the venture. It is not enough to stare up the steps – we must step up the stairs. ~Vance Havner

Hmmm..wonder what sort of adventure I’m going to find to try in March! I have a feeling that my long weekend at SXSW is going to be filled with all sorts of fun and adventures.


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