I hope you dance…

I spent this afternoon at a dance seminar at Gilley’s in Dallas.  (Yes, once again I ventured to downtown Dallas!)  I felt that smile spread across my face as I made my way into downtown.  I saw some of the buildings that I painted last week in painting class—I didn’t let the traffic jam dampen my spirits I knew that I was going to have a good time today.

There were a lot of people at the dance seminar today.  Several Meet Up groups from across the metroplex were invited.  There were even reserved seats for our group. There were a few familiar faces from my dance classes, but lot of new people.  I sat with two women from Meet Up and made two new friends.  They also told me a great place close to home that offers dance lessons on Sunday night.  There are no classes tomorrow, but I promised them I would join them there next week.

I learned a few new dances this afternoon, my favorite was the barn dance where you danced a pattern and then shifted partners.  The dance moved around the outside of the floor in the circle and was great fun.  I learned a tango like line dance that let me slink across the floor and you guessed it laugh at myself.

I realized after dance class on Thursday this week that I have been learning more at dance class, than just how to do the progressive two step, the three step, the two step and the waltz.  I’ve been given a few lessons on life.

Patience--There are always more men than women at both dance class, and today at the afternoon seminar.  It can be frustrating to be the person standing back and waiting your turn until there is someone to dance with.  There were a few times today that I felt like the last kid picked for kickball.  In all fairness, I was the new person there, and really didn’t know anyone.  Each time will get easier.  Driving home tonight I realized just how brave it probably is to just get in my car and go to these lessons and events by myself.  It’s not always easy putting yourself out there to strangers.  But, I didn’t move to Dallas to sit in my apartment all weekend.  So I will keep pushing myself to do new things and tackle new challenges.

You have to let other people lead – Laughing, this really has been a struggle for me.  If we are practicing and I know what we are going to do next I tend to back lead–and every time I do that I am busted by the guy I am dancing with.  When we are doing free dance when I don’t know what might come next I am much better at letting the man lead.  I’m working on it.

Being told what to do , and really listening and trying to become a better dancer– Not the same as leading I have been fortunate enough to dance with some experienced dancers who give me pointers and suggestions.  I truly do appreciate the help.  It can be intimidating dancing with someone who has a clue when you are still in the learning stages.

Being in the moment – It’s hard to count, follow a lead and twist and twirl around the dance floor and focus on anything else.  No time for checking text messages, emails or poking anyone on Facebook.  You just have to pay attention and dance.

Understanding – I love dancing with people who are better than I am.  After dancing with other beginning dancers, I know that it’s not as fun for them as it is for me.

Appreciation for people who have been at this for awhile –  Those times when I am sitting on the sidelines, I enjoy watching really good dancers move across the floor.  I’m determined that I am going to be one of those people.  Who can just go from move to move without thinking, and loving the feeling of gliding across the floor.

I have gotten better than that first class, and the lessons do help.  I’m determined, and really feel comfortable enough to dance several dances and not be intimidated.  I’m hoping that my sense of humor help me get through the silly parts of my introduction to dancing.  I know that I can do anything that I put my mind to, and I’m putting my mind to this.

We had a break at the end of the day and had a *spread* as they call it in Texas.  There were a variety of homemade and purchased food that lined the table.  The dancers sat in groups and just shared a great afternoon together.  I arrived at around 12:30 and left at 7:00.  We do this again in a few weeks, and I will be there again, ready to learn more and for the next adventure.

To accomplish great things, we must not only act but also dream. Not only plan but also believe.–Anatole France

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