Every month….

At least once a month I will try something new and different…that’s goal number 4 for 2010.

Last night’s adventure was attending a painting class at Painting With a Twist in Grapevine. I had purchased a Groupon Coupon back in December for a night of painting for $20.  I figred that was cheaper than a movie night with popcorn and thought it would be fun.  Whoever came up with the concept of adding wine to craft classes is a genius!

I had a bottle of wine that I purchased while visiting the hill country in Texas last summer.  The wine was a Muscat Canelli from the Sister Creek Vineyards in Texas.   It seemed a perfect fit to paint the Dallas Skyline.

The class was full with 40 people attending.  There were groups of women having a girls night out, couples, and a few single people like me just there for an evening of fun.  Many people had done the same thing I had done and purchased the $20 coupon.  The owner of the store said they had sold over 600 coupons through their offer on Groupon.com.

I arrived early, opened my bottle of wine, and poured myself a glass.  I put on my apron, admired some of the other paintings in the room and pondered taking another class.  It was a lively evening with lots of laughter and fun.  It was very cold outside (especially by Dallas standards) but there was only one empty seat.  I had a great view of the instructor and didn’t have to turn my back to watch what she was painting.

At the end of the evening we posed for a group photo with our paintings.  No two paintings looked alike, some were better than others, some were *very colorful*.  The one thing that was constant were the smiles on every face around the room. Every person in the room had a great time and went home with a reminder of the evening to hang on the wall.

I plan to frame my work of art and hang it in my apartment.  Not because it is a stunningly beautiful painting, but it’s a reminder of a fun evening, and stepping outside of the box and trying new adventures.  The teacher said last night they are working on a companion piece that will be the skyline of Fort Worth.  Sign me up!

Every child is an artist.  The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.  ~Pablo Picasso

11 thoughts on “Every month….

  1. Your painting is so beautiful. I’m glad you had fun and created art in the process! I say you should keep going with the painting 🙂

  2. “Every month…something new…”

    I think that’s a great goal to have, Annie. I hope you attain it!

    How about going for a short little trail ride out in West Texas? A really nice outfitter, Lajitas Stables (they’re on the web) can set you up for anything from an hour to a week…but probably starting with something easy yet worthwhile like a two-nighter would suit you just fine.

    The Lajitas people are good, honest folks and understand not everyone grew up in the saddle–they’ll work with you to customize a ride that’s just perfect. And you get to meet some interesting people along the way…if that is of any interest to you.

    Give it some thought, TexAnnie.

  3. You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You must do the thing which you think you cannot do. ~Eleanor Roosevelt

  4. You have never been one to cut me any slack…I signed up for the newsletter and had an email back from the ranch today. I’ll look for a trial run closer to DFW area to see if Tex Annie is askeered of horses.

    I looked at the photos of Big Bend on the web site…it’s a place I need to see, to visit and on horseback seems like it would be an amazing view.

    It’s a place in the world that has forever been associated with JD to me..of course I must see it. Hmmm I wonder if JD ever became a hermit in the mountains there? Or abducted by aliens? 🙂

  5. Once upon a time there were two Dallas housewives who had never ridden horses. One wanted to go on a ride, and her best friend was somehow coerced into going with her. They both had the time of their lives riding with Steven and Angela and some guy named JD. Jenna and Onorio wrangled and cooked, everyone else soaked in the beauty of the Davis Mountains. I belive TexAnnie would have a similar experience.

    Of course, depending on the timing and such-like, JD might or might not be there to complete the experience.

    Big Bend is magic. It carries the mind and heart back in time. No, not really…it simple puts the mind and heart into Big Bend time, a time zone that changes but gradually. Time just drops by now and then for a visit…it does not live in Big Bend.

    No slack, TexAnnie. If your ol’ buddy JD didn’t think you could do it, do you think he’d even suggest it? Trust JD. He understands you better than you think.

  6. True enough…I trusted JD to plan out my first visit to Texas. I still have the itinerary saved in my Yahoo mailbox. I printed it out today to put on my vision board. I need to see Big Bend and follow the path on that original journey…right down to dinner at sunset at the Canyon of the Eagles…

    That my friend was one hell of a trip and where I fell in love with Texas. JD, did you ever think I would finally end up here? 🙂

    I’ll make my way to Big Bend..need to figure out when the best time etc to go…it calls to my soul.

  7. Never a bad time to see “The Bend,” although in August is the rainy time there.

    Around the middle of June might not be a bad time to consider…

  8. 3/10/03 Touring JD’s Texas Version 1.1 (That was an incredible itinerary!)

    I wonder if there’s a Touring JD’s Big Bend 2010?

    Chuckling….I still have the original guided tour of Texas plan for 2003 I’ve saved it as well as the card from the flowers.

    There are some treasures worth saving forever…some people who cross our paths and are part of an amazing transformation who change our lives without really knowing the impact that they have.


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