I have happy feet!

I think I understand now about the lead character in Happy Feet.  That’s how I feel after I leave my dance class on Thursday night.  I have that rush of excitement from figuring out a new turn, a new step that puts me on a high that I just can’t imagine.  I honestly never pictured myself as someone who would enjoy Country Western dance lessons so darn much.

Tonight started a fresh round of lessons.  The weather was simply awful outside, crazy raining which really had my cough acting up.  It had been a long day at work and on the drive home I started finding myself thinking of excuses to stay home.  I gave myself a quick kick in the behind and went to class.

There were only two groups tonight a beginner class and an intermediate class.  That meant that my partner, an advanced level dancer had to take a step down and dance with the intermediate group.  It makes a big difference dancing with someone who knows what he is doing.  It can also be very intimidating.  Thankfully, Don had lots of patience, and taught me quite a few extra moves that we didn’t learn in class tonight.  I still struggled to let him lead, but found that after a few practice runs it was easier to just step back and let him lead me where I needed to go.  When we had the free dance period of the night he was very patient when showing me new things and gave me lots of tips to help make me a better dancer.

Next week I may be brave enough to wear the python boots, it really is important to wear shoes that don’t have rubber soles.  I need to get used to just regular walking n them before I take them dancing.  Baby steps… I had to giggle tonight when Don pushed me to try new things..and I said sure I’ll try.  Doing a few dance moves doesn’t seem like all that much after the major life changes I’ve gone through in the last few months.  All of those changes started with baby steps too…

Life isn’t worth living unless you’re willing to take some big chances and go for broke.– Eliot Wiggington

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