TexAnnie has arrived…

Today was sandwich for Soupmobile Saturday so I headed to the Deep Ellum area of Downtown Dallas to work with the Random Acts of Kindness group to make bologna and cheese sandwiches for the homeless.  We had a big crowd today and in 2 hours time had over 1200 sandwiches made.  That’s enough for 2 days of meals for those who visit the Soupmobile.  After we are done making the sandwiches some of us stay for lunch. Excuses Extreme Cafe is our host for this bi-weekly event and they provide drinks for the volunteers.  The food is great, and it’s a funky cool kind of place.

The lunch time topics are all over the place, places to eat, movies, shopping and there seems to be a lot of laughter.  There is also a reality check as you sit and listen to the stories told by Leanne, our friend from the Soupmobile.  It’s sad to think about places that toss food away, wasted.  You know how much I hate vegetables—but at least I have the option of fresh vegetables whenever I want them, that’s a special treat for those that the Soupmobile services.  One more reminder that I live a life of great abundance.

Before heading downtown I did a little Googling in search of a place to start shopping for my first pair of Texas Cowgirl boots.  Wild Bill’s Western Store caught my eye, so I took the address with me to stop in there after lunch.  Wild Bill’s is in the West End section of downtown Dallas.  I visited there on my first trip to Dallas and had a blast.  I saw the book repository, the grassy knoll, you know those historical places?

I found a place to park and walked a few blocks in the rain to Wild Bill’s.  My salesperson was J’Lee Bartley.  She was very knowledgeable and patient and helped me try on about a dozen different pairs of boots.  My biggest surprise is how comfortable the boots were.  I had envisioned having to wear these cowgirl boots around the house for weeks to break them in.  There were some boots like that, but I narrowed my choice down to three pairs of boots.  One pair a turquoise leopard looking boots that were definitely not practical.

I tried on a pair of brown, very practical boots that were soft, comfortable and fit well.  Then J’Lee decided to shake up my world a bit and brought out a pair of python boots.  I laughed, but when I tried them on they were the most comfortable.  I went back and forth between being practical, and be a bit more out there.  Ann from Ohio would have definitely picked the sensible brown boots.  She may go back and get them.  But TexAnnie? She said bring on the python.  You only live once, and surely your first pair of boots should make a statement.

Whatcha think JD? Did I do ok?   🙂

One day I will have a pair of custom made boots from Leddy’s in the Fort Worth Stockyards.  For now though, I am pretty tickled with my new pair of boots.

On to the next topic…on my list of general things to do in life is “Help Someone Achieve a Dream” I came across an opportunity today to do that.  I have a friend in Ohio that I met via Twitter.  His name is Daniel Johnson Jr and I call him Daniel Johnson Jr.  Never Dan or Daniel it’s always all three words.  I had lunch with Daniel Johnson Jr and some other Twitter friends in Dayton before leaving Ohio.  I also met up with Daniel Johnson Jr. at Podcamp Ohio.  He is the person I most love to torture on Twitter and face-to-face about being such a social media geek.

Not long after I left Ohio, Daniel Johnson Jr lost his job.  I know that the economy is tough in Ohio, and I know that he has been struggling to find a new position.  His daughter was born with a hearing loss in both ears.  She wears hearing aids, but the hearing aids are losing their effectiveness, and it will cost $4,000 for new ones.  That put a frown on my face, because my guess is that my friend Daniel Johnson Jr does not have $4,000 waiting to be spent.  I was delighted this morning when I saw he had posted a link to help.  I can’t give him the full $4,000 if I could, I would do it in a heartbeat.  But what I can do is give a small amount, and spread the word, hoping that others will find it in their heart to make a difference if even in a small way.

“If you have much, give of your wealth; If you have little, give of your heart” Arab Proverb

5 thoughts on “TexAnnie has arrived…

  1. One never knows how a chance encounter on Twitter, a face-to-face meeting, or continued relationship might develop over time.

    I am truly humbled and blessed that I have you in my life, Ann.

    … even if you still shock me with your Friday Twitter avatars. 😉

    Thank you!

    Daniel Johnson, Jr.
    Cincinnati, Ohio

  2. Ahhh…you are about a year and a half too late. I have in fact been tothe Cowgirl Hall of Fame and of course had my photo taken by Annie Oakley…she was born in Greenville, Ohio. Smiling at the memories of that adventure. I was fortunate enough to cross paths with a friend who showed me lots of great spots in Fort Worth. My favorite spot is the water gardens downtown.

    Hmmm…I need to get those photos into a scrapbook.

  3. Just found your blog and loved it. I am the Social Media Coordinator at the SoupMobile and am most impressed with your blog! Thank you for your kind heart and spirit of giving!

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