Gettin’ my giggle on…

It’s been a week for me.  A Murphy’s Law kind of week, but last night I decided that starting today that had to end.  Monday was a debacle of a trip to the dentist, Tuesday was the hospital and the pulmonary test that forced an asthma attack, Wednesday night was a mix up at the nail salon..good grief I felt the Universe was doing it’s best to try my patience, to challenge my joy.

Tonight…was dance class and I leave the place after two hours of dancing feeling as if I am floating on air.  Trust me I have much to learn, and I am far from smooth on the dance floor.  At one point tonight my partner started to spin me and I kept on spinning across the floor nearly taking out the instructor and his partner.  My reaction, total laughter.  I haven’t laughed at myself to the point of snorting yet, but nothing would surprise me.

This was week two of dancing with the intermediate class and Kaye, my partner from last week was gracious enough to dance with me this week.  The man has the patience of the saint and is determined to repeat what we are struggling with over and over until we both understand it.  During the practice dancing we worked with one of the instructors trying to understand what we were doing wrong.

The turn is called the tornado.  That in itself should give you a big hint of what kind of a turn it is. In two dance beats the woman needs to do two complete turns while exiting out of a sweetheart wrap.  (Are you not impressed by my dance terms?) Tornado? I should have brought my ruby red slippers for this move.  But Kaye was persistent and I kept trying and we got a little closer by the end of the night then we were at the beginning.

I’m doing better at letting the man lead in the dance, and it helps that everyone is patient when dancing with me.  I enjoy it more than I ever imagined.  I had on my bucket list that I wanted to learn ballroom dancing, honest, I think for me this is much better.  One of the other people in the class told me that I need to go to the Gilley’s dance get-together and I think I will make a point to get there in February.  I’ve never been to Gilley’s and she told me the crowd is around 150 dancers.  Sounds like a hoot to me.

I could have given up after struggling with the dance steps in this intermediate class.  It’s way beyond what I learned in my two beginning progressive two step classes.  But I like the challenge, it’s great exercise and it’s fun.  It seems to speak to some part of my spirit.

Nobody cares if you can’t dance well.  Just get up and dance.  ~Dave Barry

Dancing with the feet is one thing, but dancing with the heart is another  ~ Author Unknown

2 thoughts on “Gettin’ my giggle on…

  1. “Remember, Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, but backwards and in high heels.”
    ~Faith Whittlesey

  2. Today I stumbled across an amazing web site, “Instructables,” at A plethora of “how to’s” written in simple language with lots of illustrations. The kind of place Annie would quite possible enjoy.

    And…uhm…they’re looking for a frelance graphics designer, in case you know one.

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