It’s been a long time since I’ve looked like this little girl on the outside…but on the inside this little girl is me, dancing around with joy and happiness.  I’ve had a few nudges from the Universe about life and being thankful.  The first was at the Law of Attraction gathering this week.  It was a bit out there at times, but what I did catch the part about gratitude and appreciating what one has.  I started reading a new book this week that also speaks to that same thing.  The book said to be happy with your life now, what you have.  Getting that big pay raise, that new car, that this or that material thing would be a short term high, and then you would be on to the next thing that would *make* you happy.

Being happy…seems to last a bit longer.  When people ask me these days, “How are you?”  Instead of the usual expected response of  “good” or “fine”, I respond “Amazing, or Terrific or Wonderful” with enthusiasm, because I am.  More than once people have stopped, did a double take and been caught off guard.  It must be that little joy filled girl inside vibrating out.

Last night at country western dance class I was moved up into the intermediate group.  They were a woman short.  The dance instructor looked at me and motioned for me to move to the next level.  I have had exactly two progressive two step classes.  He told me if I was uncomfortable I could come back to the beginner’s group.  Me? I’m fearless, taking a step up on the dance floor is a lot less scary than some of the things I’ve done in recent years.  I learned all sorts of twists and turns and at the end of the evening I gave my new dance partner a hug and thanked him for his patience.  What I learned from him last night was how to relinquish control and let the man take the lead on the dance floor.  There are some things in life that it’s ok to take a step back and let someone lead you along the way.  I left class high on life and feeling that after dance class buzz that I used to feel after belly dancing lessons in the cornfields.

Long before my nudge from the Universe I’ve fallen to sleep pondering the things that I am thankful for, the truth is, most of them aren’t things.   They are people, events, experiences and memories.  I’m really working hard at being in the moment and savoring what life has to offer me at any particular moment in time.

My joys and happy moments for today?

  • Giggling at this message and video–Even if I can’t be at all of the really cool social media events I seem to find willing hug ambassadors to pass along my huggin’ the stuffin’ hugs. This time it was one of my first Twitter friends.  I am always surprised at what people will do for me if I ask.-JoeCascio

    @AnnOhio See your hug delivered at about 3 mins into this this live stream recording from last night #140conf event. http://is.gd/6jntT

  • I received my Texas Organ Donor card in the mail today.  It’s something I feel very strongly about, and since moving to Texas I needed to get that taken care of. In Ohio the donor card can be on the back of your driver’s license.
  • A nice quiet night at home.  It’s been a very hectic, very busy week!
  • Tomorrow I head to the yarn store to buy yarn to make a prayer shawl.  When I get the nudge from the Universe to make one of these shawls, I have to find a way to make it happen.  I ordered a great book from Amazon, The Prayer Shawl Companion.  It’s written by the two ladies who started the Prayer Shawl Ministry.  I am not a religious person, but knitting prayer shawls is something that brings me much joy.  The book is filled with much more than patterns, there are stories and prayers and I found the perfect shawl to knit.

Since you get more joy out of giving joy to others, you should put a good deal of thought into the happiness that you are able to give. -Eleanor Roosevelt.

2 thoughts on “~Joy~

  1. Over the years I’ve discovered there is a difference between happiness and joy. The two are similar and are related but they are distinct one from the other.

    Happiness is like the shallow waters of a stream as they tumble over stones in the stream bed. The sound can be like laughter or giggling—a happy sound, one that evokes a smile as we sit on the bank and feel generally comfortable.

    Joy is more like the waters in the deeper part of the stream, without the appearance of speeding by (although they travel at the same speed as the shallow waters) and without the noise of their passing.

    The stream is one, but the deep and the shallows are distinct.

    Often we substitute the shallowness of our lives for the profound, the deep and constant current that keeps life fresh and alive. Why do we allow that to happen?

    One reason, I believe, is ego. It robs us of joy and gives us mere short-term happiness. How does ego do that?
    –Ego wants to control. This is not self-control, which is admirable but it is not ego. Rather it is others-control, the control of attitudes and words and acts of those who pass through our daily existence. Control is the ultimate selfishness.
    –Ego wants to be approved. It feeds on the opinions of others, and when fed it rejoices. When not fed it is crushed. Ego may even sound like it is self-confident, but it is quite the opposite.
    –Ego wants to judge. When approval from others is lacking, self-approval is quickly obtained by a judgmental attitude, by comparing what others appear to be with what ego believes itself to be. Ego doesn’t compare intrinsic values, it counterfeits self-worth.

    Ego gives us happiness only when it gets what it wants. Life gives us joy only when we learn to appreciate what we’ve got.

  2. It took me quite some time to figure that finally understand that simple concept…not to mention dozens of books.

    When I stopped looking for joy, it found me.

    Sorta like you? When I stopped looking for you, you found me too..and my life is so much better with your words of wisdom, gentle thoughts and caring nudges.


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