One word…

A friend posted a status message to Facebook this week…using one word, how would you describe me?  Being the Facebook sheep that I am, I posted that message as my status.  A few friends posted their single word descriptions of me:  friend, confidant, FUN, vibrant, cheeky, generous, warmth, inspiration and fantabulous.  There was one word though that made me giggle and took me back to the days when I used to hang out in chat rooms—coconuts.  Out of context, the word doesn’t seem nearly as funny–but I can remember hours of conversations surrounding coconut rounds and other Little Debbie treats.  Silly goofy stuff that happened back in 1997 that makes me still laugh today.  Flyre that one word comment was priceless and certainly fired up a lot of laughing and joking as we remembered my friend Flyre chatting from the closet in his Docker shorts.  I think the winner for favorite IRC chat word was attic.  There was also some mention of K9—trust me, you had to be there.

Another status challenge I posted was How did we meet?  Once again stories wound back around to those days in the 90’s…Thor..JD..and that reminded me of JD and his magical backpack.  I know that when I travel and take my magical backpack along, it makes me think about some of those silly conversations.  Great times, and wonderful memories of friends.  That seems like a lifetime ago, I think because it was.

I had a great mail day today, the photos from the Willie Nelson concert arrived in the mail.  I think that’s the nudge I need to finally assemble some scrapbook pages and begin putting together a scrapbook of my life in Texas. Things have happened so fast, and I have many great memories that need to be tucked away so I can remember each and every event.

I also received a prayer shawl book that I ordered from Amazon, The Prayer Shawl Companion.  I’ve made 3 prayer shawls in the past, each time I felt such a nudge from the Universe to do it.  This week the Universe nudged me to make two more shawls for people who I think could use that extra love and comfort from a prayer shawl.  The designs are incredible, there are lots of stories about the prayer shawl ministry and some nice blessings to put with the completed shawl.  I will head to the yarn store this weekend to buy the yarn for shawl number 1.  The challenge is going to be which pattern to choose.  I’ll have to ponder that one.

I made over a dozen scarves for friends for my Christmas scarf-a-palooza project.  The scarves were on big needles with fat yarn, and the recipient’s were all very appreciative.  A shawl, takes a bit longer and more of a commitment.  But I know from past experience that until I knit those shawls nothing else is going to seem like a worthwhile project.

In preparation to start the shawls I finished up some baby booties to send off to one of my charities.  Being eco-friendly I made cute little gift bags and filled them with the handknitted booties and a few other baby items.  I found myself smiling a lot as I put them together. I will take them to the post office on Saturday.

Last night I decided to spoil myself and Googled a recipe for Blue Chees Macaroni and was simply amazing and put a big smile on my face. face seems to be having lots and lots of smiles these days.  I see that as a very good thing!  Off to country and western dance lessons tonight.  It’s become one of the many highlights of my week.

…now I just need to find some time and get those cowgirl boots bought!

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