Life amazes me…

Yesterday was a brutal day at work, busy crazy I went from meeting to meeting to meeting but scored some major wins that put a smile on my face. But, by the end of the day I was tired, burnt out and in serious need of some fun. What a great night to have tickets to see Willie Nelson at Billy Bob’s. I knew that it was going to be a great night, no matter what. Ask, believe, receive—and seal the deal by selecting the perfect person to go with me.

Travel between Dallas and Fort Worth at that time of the day can be *interesting* at times, so naturally there were crashes and congestion. Yes, the zippy little chick magnet sports car was chomping at the bit to go faster–but no way that was going to happen. There was plenty of time ahead of us, we weren’t in that big of a hurry. was cold on the streets of the Stockyard and not many people milling about. I did a quick scenic guide tour and we headed to the Star Cafe for dinner. I had one of my favorites there, a bacon cheeseburger and homemade fries with sweet tea. Following dinner an abbreviated tour of the rest of Cowtown and drinks at the old hotel downtown. I was a bit disappointed when I could not convince my partner in crime for the night to purchase a pearl snap shirt embroidered with roses, he evidently has no taste (except for women–he was with me after all!) One of the girls working in the store had an I ❤ Willie shirt that I must Google and find on the interwebs–I need that shirt. I will pass on the red fluffy skirt she wore with it.

We moved to the lobby to enjoy our drinks and my throat hurts this morning from laughing so much at the conversation. You know it’s been a heck of a conversation when the valets are watching you and chuckling. ( PreppyDude rule 101, you don’t talk to the help, but I think it’s ok if they point at you and laugh.) Off to Billy Bob’s to see Willie.

I have never seen that many people at Billy Bob’s, I was very glad that we had tickets and seats even if it was an obstructed view of the stage. You could still hear Willie and once in awhile you would get a peek or two of him on stage. Our table was at the very back, which meant that Willie looked damn good. Wow, it was an experience to be savored and to be remembered.

This morning I logged in to check email and I had received a link from a friend with photos from last night’s concert. Photos taken from a much closer vantage point than what I had. I’ll be ordering a few prints for my scrapbook for sure. It was such a thoughtful thing to do, and it honestly brought tears to my eyes. It was yet again a reminder of the incredible people in my life. I live such a life of abundance.

Today? Headed downtown to make sandwiches for the Soupmobile, the yarn store, and watching the Cowboys game tonight with friends. These are just a few of the many reasons that I moved to Texas. This is the kind of life I imagined. Only it is so much better than I could have possibly imagined.

Billy Joe, thank you for the link to the photos…wow I did not expect that.

Zippy little chick magnet sports car friend…our adventures make me laugh and bring great joy to my life. My life is very special with you as a part of it.

…the rest of you..don’t you wish you could have been there too?


P.S. JD that bull photo is going to have to wait for my next trip to Billy Bob’s be assured, it will happen.  I’m not one to step back from a challenge.

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