A few Christmas miracles…

It started snowing at noon on Christmas Eve.  Snow in Texas on Christmas? There were many Christmases in Ohio where there was not a flake.  This is the view I woke up to Christmas morning.  I had spent the night at my friend Carol’s house on Christmas Eve, so I didn’t venture out until the sunshine had melted most of the ice and part of the snow.  It kind of gave an extra sparkle to Christmas.

I had received a package in the mail on Christmas Eve from my daughter Shelly in Hawaii.  I decided to put the package under the tree and wait to open it when I got home on Christmas Eve.  I sat down this year and wrote both of my daughters letters to go in their Christmas cards this year. I also wrote notes to each of their boyfriends thanking them for being such special parts of my daughters’ lives.  It made me cry when I wrote them, but they were definitely words from a mother’s heart, and words that I wanted to share with them. 

Shelly was making her way from Hawaii to Ohio for the holidays.  I told her it was ok to open her gift before leaving.  I was surprised when I got her gift in the mail.  Two of my favorite candies, Twizzlers and Good & Plenty and a BIG nudge to make a trip to visit her and Nathan in Hawaii in 2010. A guidebook, luggage tags, postcards from her corner of the world.  The card from her has a list of her favorites.  There was also a card from her boyfriend thanking me for my words to him.  They are both growing up, and they do understand.  It definitely made my Christmas holiday.

The day after Christmas was spent doing a few after Christmas sales.  I have my table decked out in a combination of Valentine’s Day hearts and snowmen.  I found about 8 bird ornaments on sale at Kohl’s and bought a small house plant tree to hang them on.  It’s not a tree branch like my mom had, but it’s a nice start to a new collection.  I then decided it was time to pack away the tree and all of the Christmas decorations.  I kept the Christmas cards up, I will enjoy them until the end of the year.  They make me smile when I see them and think about those who thought about me enough to put a card in the mail. 

House in order, what to tackle next?  I finished up the last scarf for scarf-a-palooza a very soft blue baby alpaca scarf for myself.  I know..shocked me that I would keep something for myself!  I have a pattern for a cute little vest, and decided to tear out a sweater I had started over 3 years ago and repurpose the yarn.  I realized when I drug the sweater out that I had all of the back done and most of the front.  It seemed a shame to tear all of that apart, so I decided maybe finishing it might be a good idea?  So that became my project for the rest of the weekend.  The front and the back are done, the shoulder seam is done, and I’ve started working on the sleeves.  I think I’m going to add some ribbing at the bottom, the sweater looks a little shorter than I like.  I had the receipt for the yarn in the bag with the yarn, I bought this yarn in June of 2006, that was a lifetime ago.  It’s time to finish the sweater and actually wear it, instead of keeping it tucked in a drawer.

Next on the knitting project list will be baby things.  I have 4 bags made to send to the Planned Parenthood group in California.  They each just need that handmade addition to the bag of baby things.  Next on the needles knitting for the Dulaan Project.  I’ve been involved in sending thing to them every year for quite some time.   It’s a great way to use up odds and ends, and an excuse to knit small projects that don’t take weeks and weeks and hours an hours. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ODiK3YdZ2o  I found this video tonight on YouTube and it made me smile.

I went to see the movie It’s Complicated today..it was so very funny, and I could relate to quite a few things in the movie.  The one thing that struck me the most was when the female lead said of her divorce, “I finally feel normal again.”  Yep, I get that in a big way.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my goals for 2010.  I think I will let those percolate a bit and post them on January 1, 2010.

I hope you had a few Christmas miracles, or at the very least a little Christmas magic….

One thought on “A few Christmas miracles…

  1. Really like the idea of you getting to Hawaii next year…that would be a fun trip for you…

    Never realized that Dallas could get snow…

    And, love the knitting that is going on in your world…

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