Did you ever…

Have a friend in your life that you can not see for months and a phone conversation pulls you right back to where you were at the last time you talked?  I am so lucky to have a lot of great friendships like that in my life.  Tonight when my friend Michael called, when I hung up from the call I was still giggling, and felt tears in my eyes.  Tears of joy, tears of laughter, tears of happiness…he is one of my many life long friends that have been with me through some very tough, challenging, heart breaking moments. But he’s also been one of the friends that has stood by me as I struggled to transition from one phase of my life to the next.  He was my biggest cheerleader when I needed it, and he also gently tried to help me understand the challenges that some of my decisions would make in my life.

Some people may be lucky to have one person like that in their life.  I have more people in my life like that than I could count on the fingers of both hands, and the toes on both feet.  I am surrounded by people who amaze me every day in their own unique ways.  There are times when I am struck by the wonder of the people who are a part of my life, who add to my life.  I feel very lucky to be surrounded by so many caring, helpful and loving people.

“No lapse of time or distance of place can lessen the friendship of those who are truly persuaded
of each others worth.”
– Unknown

I’m embracing life with both arms and huggin’ the stuffin’ out of life. The last few months have been a time of transformation for me.  Little by little changes have happened, nudges from the universe, encouragement from friends and finally realizing that I am living a life of abundance by all that surrounds me.  I’m also finding new ways to give back and to make a difference, a more hands on approach that also seems to feed this new limitless joy in my life.

I’m working on stepping outside of my comfort zone and putting myself into new and challenging situations–which make for some very interesting and funny stories.  2009 has been an incredible year of ups, downs and lots of changes–2010 is going to be off the charts, stay tuned and hold onto your hats!

Let the adventure continue…

“The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.”–Oprah Winfrey

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