Gettin’ my cowgirl on…

I have this photo on my vision board.  It’s by my favorite Texas artist and I plan to buy this print to hang on my wall.  It just speaks to me, and I think reflects how I feel about myself and my life in Texas.

Today I received a unexpected cash surprise and I’ve decided to use the money to buy myself a pair of cowboy boots.  I could use the money to pay bills, or to give to charity, or to buy supplies to make things for charity..or I could treat myself to a pair of boots.

Oh, the checks definitely not enough to even remotely cover the cost of a pair of custom made boots from Leddy’s in The Stockyards—but one day I will have a pair of those too.  But I think I will have enough to buy something a little special.  Maybe just the fact that I am buying myself a pair of boots is special all in itself?

It’s just another step in my transformation to TexAnnie, although, I think I’ve been TexAnnie for quite some time. Long before I moved to Texas my good friend JD gave me the nickname TexAnnie.  I think TexAnnie was inside of me, she just needed some of that Texas blue sky and sunshine to help her make the final transformation.

I’ve received a few Christmas letters this week inside of cards and it made me ponder my last year, and if I were ever to write a Christmas letter just what would I put?  So, here is my online version…

Dear Friends,

It’s been an interesting year for me.  This year I have travelled to South Beach in Florida and sat on the beach drinking wine with friends, and listening to the waves moving back and forth on the shore well into the next morning.  It’s a memory that will forever be in my heart.  There was another trip to Florida where I swam in the ocean long after dark, and spent an amazing time with friends watching the LRO launch.  There was also another small trip to Mendocino, California to spend time with people who are very special in my life, and to meet new friends who have also secured a place in my heart.

Work has been great, I was nominated for employee of the month twice, and won the honor the second time.  I was promoted at work and received a raise.  I even received a shout out at the leadership awards program at work for my online work for the company.

I’ve found a way to continue my charity work through two Hospice groups and have recently started doing some hands on volunteer work with the Random Acts of Kindness group in Dallas.  My virtual charity projects continue as I send things to Mongolia as part of the Dulaan project, to California to a Planned Parenthood group, knitted hats to the Beanies for Baghdad project…and assorted small little projects in an attempt to make a difference in this world.

My daughters continue to make me proud with their giving spirits and their determination to live good and active lives.  I miss them both, more than they can even imagine.

I live a very abundant life.  I’ve added many more people to my circle of friends in Dallas, and I work to stay in contact with friends from all over the country as well as all over the world. I haven’t forgotten where I came from, I know that the years leading up to this point have helped to shape me into the person that I have known all along I was meant to be.

2009 has been a fantastic year full of all sorts of adventures and joy.  I know that the Universe has some terrific things planned for me in 2010, and I plan to hold on tight for the ride.

Best wishes for a happy holiday season to you and yours.


P.S. Hmmmm…perhaps I may need some spurs to go with those boots?

One thought on “Gettin’ my cowgirl on…

  1. Lots of people want a full life but don’t, and they wonder why. They haven’t realized that life comes to us empty. We have to fill it up ourselves.

    You’ve learned how to fill your life. Don’t ever stop.

    Merry Christmas, Annie darlin’.

    P.S. Get the spurs.

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