What are you waiting for?

Things have a way of happening in my life that make me say hmmmm…Last night my friend Duane aka @PreppyDude and I had a conversation on the phone about friends in need.  To us it seemed the normal thing to do to jump in and trying to help a struggling friend.  Even if that means hopping on a plane and riding in like the cavalry to the rescue.  The idea of @PreppyDude and I being the cavalry makes me laugh…a lot.  But the basic sentiment of the conversation was that if a friend needs help, you find a way to be there.  You don’t sit back and wait for someone to ask for help.

I understand this because it is REALLY hard for me to ask for help.  I’d rather just handle things myself.  The friend Duane and I were talking about is the same way..she’s had a tough time, a really hard year..and for things to get to the point that she would share her pain..to me that was a wake up call for those near and dear to her to rally around and give her the support she needed.  I did as best I could from a distance..friends do that.

I started feeling sick yesterday..I went to work anyway, and finished my Monday morning reports.  By 2:30 I was ready to put my head down on my desk for a nap.  I finally surrendered and came home and promptly fell asleep for four hours.  I woke up, had some soup, but by 10 I was ready to crash and sleep again.  I went to bed expecting to be well by this morning. Not so much.

I made it through the shower and it was clear that the only place for me today was in bed resting.  There wasn’t anything that couldn’t be handled by a team mate, or put off for another day.  I crawled back in bed and woke up at noon.  I wandered to the computer and posted:

“Ann is thankful for sick days, flannel pajamas, couches, Tylenol sinus and chicken noodle soup. Maybe staying home and sleeping in all day will help me kick this crud.”
In the time it took from me to walk from the computer to the kitchen to warm up some soup, my phone was ringing.  A friend (Syed) calling to see if there was anything I needed, could he bring me some soup?  If I’m home tomorrow and I need anything, please let him know.
It can be a challenge to live alone and be sick.  I for the most part just want to be left alone to sleep it off knowing that I will get better.  Does it show weakness to ask for help? I don’t know, just sort of built into me to try to go it alone.
It’s very nice to know though…that even without asking, there are people that care about me enough to pick up the phone and ask.
Is there someone in your life that’s under the weather? That’s hurting? That could use a hug?  Stop waiting for someone else to step in and do that.  Don’t wait until someone is in such sad shape that they feel the need to ask for help.  Do something now..today…right now..
I can tell you as someone who received one of those calls today…it means a great deal.  Just to know that people care.
Ann aka PollyAnna  🙂

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