You can wait for life to happen…

..or you can step outside of your comfort zone and find a way to create the life you want, to make things happen.

“Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tonight, I decided to sign up for a Country Western dance class. I’ve been to a few honky tonks and have watched the dancers in awe. They don’t dance the same way in the cornfields, or at least not in my part of the cornfields. I’ve been wanting to learn ballroom dancing, it’s on my bucket list. I can tell you that after a “team building” dance event, it just wasn’t my thing. That doesn’t mean that I took it off of my bucket list, I just sat back and thought, “Oh well, maybe one day I’ll find someone to take dance lessons with.” Case closed, back to sitting on the couch and knitting charity hats.

I saw a MeetUp group in Dallas, in my corner of Dallas that was for singles. I thought that it sounded interesting, so I joined the group. I saw they were having a dance class tonight, and decided it was worth a try. What would I be out if I just couldn’t do it, a few bucks, a few hours and a little gas out of the car. I found out when I got to the lesson that this was week 3. Everyone else in the class had 3 hours of experience on me. That intimidated me a bit…but why sit on the sidelines and watch?

Ryan was my first partner, he was very good at counting and we both realized that as long as we didn’t talk, we could follow the 1-2-3, 1-2-3, walk walk. He was very patient with me, and I was surprised at how fast I got the hang of it. We then broke into groups of beginners and intermediate dancers. We practiced, then practiced as couples. I admired the women who took the role of the male dancers. I got to dance with a combination of guys and girls. When the instructor pulled me out to the floor to dance with him, I took it with a grain of salt. At a particular part of the step the woman is to be looking across the man’s shoulder. I realized I should be looking there about 3 seconds too late, and snapped my head to look across his shoulder, and we all got a laugh out of that.

I surprised myself tonight. I figured I would feel clumsy after my ballroom dancing experience, but found that I got comfortable enough to dance, and only count in my head, and to look around and watch the other dancers. When I managed to do a turn while moving around the floor dancing I let out a squeal of happy delight. I was so proud of myself.

I was sad that tonight was the last class until after the first of the year. They do have a Monday night class, and I came home and did a Mapquest search to find that the Monday night class is just as close to me, just a different direction. So, I will be able to get a few classes in there.

I loved tonight, loved the feeling of dancing around that floor, and was ok when I messed up now and then. It was great exercise (My doctor will be so proud of me.).

I paid for the next set of dance classes, and talked to the instructor a bit, I told him how much I had enjoyed the class, I was bubbling over with joy and excitement. I’m hooked, it won’t be long before TexAnnie is sporting a pair of cowboy boots!

Isn’t that what life is all about, being in the moment and huggin’ the stuffin’ out of each new experience?

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