I’m co-branding…


Co-branding is the practice of using multiple brand names together on a single product or service. The term can also refer to the display of multiple brand names or corporate logo s on a single Web site, so that people who visit the site see it as a joint enterprise. When effectively done, co-branding provides a way for companies to combine forces so that their marketing efforts work in synergy .

I snickered when I typed that tonight in response to this…

From @NewMediaJim–one of the first people I started to follow on Twitter…

@TexAnnie I’m sorry, I don’t know any “TexAnnie”s

My response…

@newmediajim no silly this is me, not the faux me…you know..I moved to Texas awhile back…I’m co-branding

I do take all of this social media stuff very tongue in cheek.  I joined Twitter way back when as a fun thing to do. Back in the early days when one could follow the public time line and find interesting people to follow.  Eventually after a mention from Chris Brogan that lead to me being listed on Guy Kawasaki’s blog I had to say whoa, who are these people?  Since then, I’ve protected my @AnnOhio tweet stream and spent more time not following than following new people.

I created the @TexAnnie account long before I moved to Texas.  I had already *branded* myself as @AnnOhio, whatever the heck that means..for me it’s a way to have fun with some amazing people.  Rolling my eyes…branding. But, somehow without really trying it happened.

I decided that Twitter might see that dormant @TexAnnie account and delete it…so I dusted things off, created this blog and began a new tweet stream, a new personality–which is still me.  It will be interesting to see if my follower list grows beyond what it is today.  One of the great new features of the list tool is that I am able to follow my @AnnOhio list with this account.

So far, most of the people I see adding me are bots, spammers and people who promise to make my social media landscape light up with new people following me.  Ummm..so what?

Those of you not on Twitter are scratching your heads totally clueless, never mind, look away..there will no doubt be something of interest in the next blog post.


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