Red Hats 101…

Success!  I delivered the red hats tonight and thought it might be a good idea to create some instructions on how I made these.  Who knows, there might be some crafty person who needs to make some red hats for party favors.  This idea could also be used to make hats that aren’t little red hats that could be decorated for Christmas..or for really really tiny people.  Go with it…

Miniature Red Hat Favors

Supply List:


  • Red cotton fabric 
  • Fabric Stiffener 
  • ¼ inch wide Purple Ribbon (approximately 6 inches per hat) 
  • Hot Glue Gun/Glue 
  • Waxed Paper 
  • Small Tea Candles 
  • Rubber Bands


  1. Trace a 4 ½ inch circle and cut circle out of fabric.
  2. Place waxed paper down to protect your work surface. Brush the fabric stiffener onto your fabric, coat both sides of the 4 ½ inch circle. (To do this in bulk I cut out the number of circles required.  I placed a sheet of waxed paper on my counter and then a circle.  I spread the fabric stiffener over the circle, then placed the next circle on top and then repeated.  I did this with a stack of 26 circles.  I covered the top circle with the fabric stiffener, and then covered the entire stack with a sheet of waxed paper.  I used a rolling pin to compress the layers together and evenly spread the glue through all layers on both sides.)
  3. Position the tea light candle upside down so you have the silver metal part to shape the top of the hat.  Next cover with a waxed paper square, approximately 6 inches square.  (I just tore off a length of waxed paper and then cut it in half) Place the waxed paper square over the top of the tea light.  You are now ready to put the fabric stiffener coated piece of fabric over the candle and the waxed paper.
  4. Center the fabric circle over the tea light and the waxed paper.  Use a rubber band to secure the fabric around the tea light base.  This will gather up the hat and give it the ruffle around the edge and keep it secure while drying.
  5. Allow the hats to dry for a few hours. 
  6. Snip the rubber band off of the outside of the hat, and gently remove the waxed paper and the tea light candle from the hat fabric.
  7. Let the hats thoroughly dry overnight.
  8. Cut a 2 inch section of ribbon and fold over to make a tail for the hat ribbon.  Secure this to the hat using a hot glue gun.
  9. Cut a length of ribbon to go around the band of the hat and hot glue in place.

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