Red Hats and such…

RedHatsFirst I have to confess I’m not a big fan of the red hats and I will wear purple movement.  But I couldn’t say no to the volunteer coordinator at one of my Hospice groups.  She asked me to make these red hat party favors to be glued onto frames for a group at a nursing home that were forming a red hat group.  No pattern, just a vague idea of how this *should* work.

I cut circle out of red fabric, then applied fabric stiffener–no joke, that’s what it’s called in crafty circles.  Not to be confused with Viagra and it’s superior stiffening properties.  She suggested I use a golf ball to give the hats their shape. I look like I have 27 golf balls?  I did have quite a few tea lights, that worked great.  When these babies dry, I will unsnip the rubber band securing them in place, extract the candles and the waxed paper and waaaa la!  Red hats!  I have some purple ribbon to glue around the brim and they will be completed.  It seems way too easy, so there may be some unforseen disaster ahead.  I figure I will let them dry tonight and tomorrow and finish them up tomorrow night.  That’s my plan, hopefully I won’t have to resort to a plan B.

Saturday I went to a volunteer meeting for the Susan Komen 3 Day event in Dallas.  I have volunteered to work one afternoon during the walk.  I thought this would be a good introduction to the event, and would at least make me feel like I in a small way attained my goal to walk this year.  The inspirational video had me in tears…my role this year is in the background, doing grunt work.  Hopefully that will help me keep myself together emotionally.  I also plan to join one of the cheer sections during the race and cheer on the walkers during the event.

Progress continues on my slipper project for my other Hospice committee.  I’m on pair number 7 of the slippers, which have actually turned out to be a pair of handknitted socks using baby yarn.  I am sure they will be appreciated, but it’s pretty ambitious to knit this for a charity, I am nothing if not dedicated to the cause.  🙂
After that, I think I will take a look at doing some knitting for the holidays.  It will be on a very small scale, but there are a few people I would like to knit for this year.  I have a few new patterns for knitted animals that are also calling my name.  Maybe some ornaments?
I had friends over for dinner this weekend. It seemed to be a success, and I loved the whole setting the table and using cloth napkins etc.  The menu was definitely a throwback to the way I used to cook.  Lasagna, cheesey potatoes, a salad and garlic bread.  For dessert I baked Elvis cupcakes, banana cupcakes with peanut butter icing.  All of the leftovers went to work today, and were appreciated by a second group of friends.

Sunday, I just relaxed and enjoyed the day…movies, knitting and moving the summer like clothes to the back of the closet, and moving the long sleeve shirts to the front.  It’s nearly the end of October, and as much as it pains me, it’s time to shift into the fall wardrobe. It’s very hard to cover up my happy feet pedicure, but it’s getting a bit chilly for sandals most days.

How about you, what sorts of things have you been doing lately to welcome fall?

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