Feng Shui…

I know, it’s becoming an obsession..and I am making myself giggle at the way I am embracing all of this..maybe it’s part superstition.  If nothing else, it’s fun and who knows there may be something to all of this.

I haven’t done anything crazy like decide that I need to move away from my apartment because the chi isn’t just right.  But I’ve done a few things like un-clutter my apartment and add red here..purple there, slowly making adjustments to my surroundings.

Over the weekend I realized that there are three pictures in my dining of cowgirls, single cowgirls all alone.  They are my Doreman Burns prints, and I absolutely love them.  What sort of sign though was this sending out to The Universe.  I couldn’t bear to take the prints down, so I tried to figure out a plan B to balance things out.  (I’m a Libra, 4-Cowboys-with-Lassoswe like things in balance.) So I did what any web geek would do and Googled 4 Cowboys in the image search.  Lo and behold this picture of 4 cowboys with lassos popped up.  I figure that’s a cowboy for the three single ladies on my wall, and one for me.  (Stop it, I can hear you laughing clear in Texas.)

I received a call tonight from Mr. Patterson of Patterson images to complete my order. http://pattersonimages.net/  One would think that Mr. Patterson lives in the great state of Texas, or at the very least out West…ummm nope, he is from Pennsylvania.  If I was thinking I would have asked him about the photo and how he happened to take the picture.  Maybe some things are left to be a mystery?

I’m looking forward to those cowboys with lassos to handle the 4 ladies in my apartment.  🙂

Just sayin’ they do have lassos after all….it couldn’t hurt!

“My idea of Feng Shui is to have them arrange the pepperoni in a circle on my pizza.”

~ Author Unknown

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