Another year older…

My birthday was on Sunday.  It was an event filled weekend spent with a friend exploring my new corner of the world. It was fun to play tour guide.  I love showing off the places that make me happy.  I’m comfortable in my space, and it’s fun to share my Texas life and adventures with others.

Saturday was spent at The Stockyards in Fort Worth.  It was a rainy day, but still filled with joy and laughter.  I got to have dinner at my favorite eatery in Cowtown, The Star Cafe.  After dinner it was a box seat at the rodeo.  I had no idea we would be that close to the action.  “Commercials” at the rodeo consist of a young lady riding her horse around the ring waving a flag with a company name.  It was a hoot.

Of course, a Saturday night in Cowtown would not be complete without stopping at BIlly Bob’s the Texas Tea with Sweet Tea vodka was tasting mighty fine.  I loved watching the dancers, checking out the people and listening to Neal McCoy in concert.  Admission was free with the rodeo ticket, so it seemed like a two for one night.

Today a group of us from work went out to celebrate my birthday at Masala, an Indian restaurant that we like.  I always have to ask what it is I order, chicken tikka masala, it was yummy.  My friends surprised me with a nice looking shopping bag, a book “Confessions of a Counterfeit Farm Girl”, and a gift card from Macy’s.  They told me they had originally thought a gift certificate for the yarn store, but they knew I would use it to buy yarn to make something for someone else…that is so very true.  I am so thankful that I work with such a terrific bunch of people.  They challenge, encourage and inspire me every day to learn more and to do more.  I believe they keep me young, yep, I feel that I have gotten younger since moving to Texas.  There has to be a fountain of youth here somewhere…

I started reading a new book last night, “Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life, How to Use Feng Shui to Get Love, Money, Respect, and Happiness.” I only read 2 chapters last night, but I was up after midnight trying to track down purple things to put in my prosperity center. Umm..the best I could come up with? Some purple sock yarn and a headband.  Pitiful isn’t it? Tonight I stopped at Hobby Lobby to pick up some yarn to knit more slippers for Hospice and found more purple things..candles, a basket, a candle holder and a wrapped box.  At this rate, my apartment is going to look like a clown car exploded.

There are big storms moving into Texas tonight.  My sinuses have had me struggling all day.  I came home and fell asleep at 7, woke up at 9.  It’s hard when your sinuses believe they are a weather barometer…ouch.

I can’t wait to see what this next year brings…

If you want to be happy, be. – Henry David Thorreau

One thought on “Another year older…

  1. Happy Birthday, Annie…albeit slightly belated!

    The first indoor rodeo in the world was held in that same arena just after the turn of the previous century. They’ve brought in fresh dirt and changed the grease in the corn dog fryers…not too sure they’ve cleaned the bathrooms, though.

    The next big rodeo is in January…be prepared for “Stock Show weather” then…seems it’s always the worst time of year in your part of Texas. And if you should attend that rodeo, check to see if Reata still has a place in one of the exhibit barns. You’ll need a reservation, but it will be worth it. Just remember: Cream of Jalapeño Soup.

    Enjoy your new, more youthful year. Sounds like Texas agrees with you.

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