be happy…

Today while taking my walk around the neighborhood I listened to an audiobook that I downloaded from the library’s web site. The title of the book was be happy…release the power of happiness in you by Robert Holden, Ph.D. The guy has a nice soothing voice, and I really enjoyed the book. I plan to take more books for walks. 🙂

Some things that caused me to be happy today…

After the audio book had finished a lady came walking towards with me walking her dog…not so much walking him, but trying to hold him back so he wouldn’t attack me with kisses. I asked her if the dog was friendly, she said he might lick you to death. I bent down and petted the dog like crazy and thought doing that made both of us happy.

I stopped on my way back and picked up a sausage roll and a bavarian cream kolache at the bakery close to my house. It’s become a part of my weekend walks to stop in there. Today the owner and I struck up a conversation. It was nice, I definitely love his baking.

I found the pub table and stools I have been looking for. I’ve been in my apartment for a year, and with the reorganization, I’m ready to finish off things with a place to entertain, and to invite friends over for dinner. My apartment makes me happy, and I want to fill it with friends, and people that I love. I have a visitor coming from Ohio next weekend, and I’m looking forward to playing tour guide and cooking and enjoying spending time together and catching up. I really really really hope that more friends will come to visit. I like sharing my corner of the world with everyone.

I went to a friend’s daughter’s soccer game today. This is their second week of playing soccer. It’s at that fun stage where you see the excitement of the players after scoring a goal, or making a good run down the field. You can’t help but smile when watching those kids running and kicking all over the place. The weather was amazing today, and it made me very happy to be out and enjoying it.

Tonight I baked cookies, and prepared for the return of Brandon to work seems like he has been away for months instead of weeks. A part of our team has been missing, and I think tomorrow will be filled with lots of fun and joy. I’m really looking forward to going to work tomorrow.

Being happy is not something that we work towards, being happy is being right now in the moment and enjoying life. You know my philosophy is “huggin’ the stuffin’ out of life”. I choose to be happy, and to focus on the positive, and my life is so much richer because of that.

So you…yes you…be happy, k?


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