A good time was had by all!

I can’t tell @PreppyDude no, happily he doesn’t ask me for things like money, booze or sex. When he sent me a direct message to come to St. Louis to celebrate @Mongo’s birthday I could not say no. I remember my 50th birthday celebration in Key West. (I remember MOST of it, and what I don’t remember, Heidi made notes for me.) A birthday like that deserves to have a memorable celebration.

The best part was torturing the birthday boy a few nights before his birthday. Oh yeah, smart boy told us he planned to celebrate his 16th birthday by wearing a tiara, and also let @brendajos and I know we were not invited to his party. Like that would ever stop me from crashing a party? You can bet that Brenda and I were text messaging back and forth to make sure there were some tiaras at the party.

It was a short trip, I flew out late morning on Saturday and headed for home on Sunday night. My chauffeur for the weekend was the famous @GeekDave. I liked having the chance to check on him after his hip replacement surgery. It also was great to arrive at the airport and have a hug waiting for me. Dave and I had lunch at Oceano, an absolutely amazing lunch. He then dropped me off at the hotel and I had a very relaxing few hours of napping, listening to the iPod and knitting. I actually closed my eyes and listened to the Whitney Houston CD while doing absolutely nothing. I need to do that sort of thing much more!

@GeekDave and I decided to be fashionably late, but we still beat the birthday boy to his party. I got the biggest chuckle to see that Brenda and I had both covered the tiara thing. There’s something so hot and sexy about an extremely tall 50 year old man with a feathered tiara propped on his head–it was a priceless image to behold.

Dinner was wonderful, I had a nice steak with blue cheese and 2 green dragonflies…I liked the name as much as anything. It was an evening filled with stories and laughter. I had decided that the most appropriate gift would be a willie warmer handknitted with my finest alpaca yarn. Of course the birthday boy protested that it was too small..but I had no proof of that–and until I see that first hand, I’m going to say it was a perfect fit. I thought we were going to have to take @GeekDave to the ER when he started laughing at my precious gift. What memorable birthday would be complete without a willie warmer? Seriously…it’s kind of like gold for a 50th wedding anniversary..it’s willie warmers for 50 year old men. Umm..how else would they possibly keep their willies warm?

Sunday I got to spend time with @GeekDave at the St. Louis Botanical Gardens. Walking through the Asian gardens was such a peaceful experience. I could feel my soul recharging as we fed the coi, and walked around admiring the gardens. It was an overcast day, but the flowers were wonderful. Lunch was at an Irish Pub with @PreppyDude and I loved all of the “Feckin'” stuff in the bar. I even stuck a feckin’ coaster in my purse to bring home.

My chariot dropped me off at the airport..I didn’t look back to see if the coach had turned into a pumpkin..and @GeekDave into a mouse. I headed for home with warm feelings, and feeling happy to have had a great weekend with friends.

Life is good…and meant to be shared and celebrated with friends.

Happy Birthday David!

“Friends are the most important ingredient in this recipe of life.”

“No love, no friendship, can cross the path of our destiny without leaving some mark on it forever.”
– Francois Mocuriac

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