Not a lot of people in my lifetime have called me Annie. I’m usually Ann, AnnOhio, Dazz (and you are a way back friend if you know why I’m called Dazz), TexAnnie sometimes and since I’ve moved to Texas I’ve become Miss Ann. Which makes me giggle quite a bit..There is someone who posts comments to my blog–and calls me Annie. I’m ok with that..I find it very flattering that I’ve somehow connected on such a personal level with people by the words that I write.

My dad called me I guess a part of me associates that name as a term of affection..and also of love. He’s been gone a long time, and our relationship splintered into a thousand pieces long before his death. My ex-father-in-law always called me Annie, he too is gone, died shortly before the divorce was final. My friend Maria, we were in high school together, she was 4 years older than I was. Later in life we worked together at the elementary school and did lots of things together for the community. She died 2.5 years ago of cancer. She is part of my inspiration for working with the 2 Dallas area hospice groups. I also feel like she is my guardian angel, watching out for me, and getting a kick out of my new life here. Then there’s JD..

JD was the first person to call me TexAnnie. Our paths crossed in a chat room about a dozen years ago. He wandered in with his magical backpack and became, a friend, a mentor, a confidante–a very special person in my life. JD was the person I turned to for advice on work, going to college, life in general. When I made my first trip to Texas JD is the one that mapped out my course through the hill country. He plotted stops to eat, stops for gas, great places to see the wildflowers and when I arrived for the night to stay at the bed & breakfast there was a vase of flowers on the desk.

“Welcome to Texas Annie, Yee Haw. J.D. “

I still have the card in my wallet, I’ve been dragging around ever since, that was March, 2003. That trip changed my’s where my plan to move to Texas began to formulate. For so many years I had seen the beauty and the wonder of Texas through JD’s eyes. Now for the first time I was here, seeing it all through my eyes. I fell in love with Texas on that trip.

JD and I weathered many storms together. There were times I worried about him, but when Brindi his pet cat came into his life, his life once again had a spark. We shared lots of stories about his cattle drive trips, and he told me over and over that he couldn’t wait to retire and become a hermit in the Big Bend area of Texas. He is the only person I ever talked to that hoped to be abducted by aliens.

JD was/is an amazing writer. He turned me on to cowboy poetry, and there were some of the poems that brought tears to my eyes. JD could do that with his writing too..he just needed more confidence I’m sure that he could have published his poetry.

Then one night..poof..JD said he needed to exit. I didn’t was very hard to me, to lose someone so important in my life. He never gave me a reason..just that he had to go. As his friend I had to respect that–it didn’t make the hurt any easier to deal with. Memories of the time that we shared together still can make me laugh. He is an original one of a kind sort of city cowboy.

A comment on a blog post put JD back in my mind tonight..although since moving to Texas I think about him quite a bit..and part of me is sure that our paths will cross again one day. Stranger things have happened to me in my lifetime.

In the words of James Taylor:

Ive seen fire and Ive seen rain
Ive seen sunny days that I thought would never end
Ive seen lonely times when I could not find a friend
But I always thought that Id see you again

I miss you JD…and what you added to my life. If you’re out there peeking in, say hi, let me know that you are ok..that the aliens haven’t abducted you and that you are doing that hermit thing.

Geez..see what happens when I walk and have all this time to think? One never knows what might shake out of this head of mine.

Is there someone you’re missing?

P.S. To the blog commenter that calls me Annie..I’ll save you a seat Saturday night..if you don’t show up, maybe JD will?  Knowing my luck you will both show up and I’ll have to sit on someone’s lap. 🙂

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