December 28, 2007
“@jeffpulver so forget about work for a day, hop on a plane and do something crazy like meet us all for breakfast and then head back. We live once. Maybe”

Thinking back, it all seemed to sort of start from there…and just sort of snowballed.    🙂

Or, that’s where I can trace back to where spontaneity entered or re-entered my life.  Up until that point, I tended to be more cautious and carefully weighed things out.  Very often after really thinking about things I would dismiss them as just not possible.  That direct message on Twitter really made me think about how I was living my life.  Quite a few years earlier I had tried to make a promise to myself that I was not going to arrive at the end of my life wondering “what if?”  But, I tended to make small steps, not really risking much.

Wow..my how things have changed.  But in a good way.  It may be in part due to the stage of life I am in.  If I get the urge to do something, to try something I tend to go with the flow.  If I weighed out what I should do I would never have seen the LRO launch, I would have never gone to a Pulver breakfast, I would have never gone to Mendocino, I would never have gone to SXSE, I would never have gone to St. Louis–twice, I would have never traveled to DC and got into a car with two people holding up bags of skittles and sailed on their boat, I would have never ventured to Boston to meet up with two knitting buddies…I would have definitely NEVER moved to Texas.

Tonight for example…I got to thinking about the fact that I live in Dallas, Texas and I’ve never seen a professional football game, ever.  The Cowboys training center is just a few blocks from my apartment.  I decided to investigate to see just how much tickets would cost.  Best available seats–$239.00.  Yikes that was pretty pricey for my budget.  I pondered, tweeted, and two friends Troy Turner and PreppyDude suggested I try the $29 Party Pass.  It gets me into the stadium…I get to feel the excitement of the game and that is probably a good thing for my first venture.  So, I went to Ticketmaster…click I have a ticket for the Monday Night game on September 28.  I can’t wait. Pretty simple, not that expensive and fairly close to home.  (In all honesty, I know that I will be attending a Cowboy’s game this year, with a ticket and a seat–don’t ask me how it’s going to happen, but it is.)

On my vision board is a list of people I would like to see in concert.  Since moving to Texas I have become a Pat Green fan.  I saw him last year at Billy Bob’s and he just struck a chord in me.  I went to his web site earlier in the evening…he will be in Dallas on November 13 at the Texas Stampede Championship Rodeo.  There was no link for tickets—so I sort of gave up and thought, surely he will be in my corner of the world sometime soon.  Then I went to bed.

Two glasses of sweet tea before bed is never a good combination. I read a bit..still wide awake.  So, I decided to get up, fire the computer back up and work on a few ideas for my vision board.  Hey, let’s just take a look at Ticketmaster are there tickets out there for Pat Green?  Yep, much more than $29 and I started to buy one ticket–then changed my order and I bought two tickets.  The concert is an experience that I want to share with someone.  I also know that I will have someone to go with, no doubts at all about that one.

I think the reason spontaneity has been on my mind is an incident that had to do with the wedding I attended over the weekend.  I traveled with my friend/coworker/boss Brandon to Wimberley, Texas.  We invited along one of our young early 20 something coworkers to travel down with us and share our cabin.  It was really spur of the moment, we made the offer on Friday and we were leaving Saturday morning.  Nope, no luck she wouldn’t budge.  She reminds me quite a bit of myself at that age.  We do share some personality traits…and I realized that at her age I probably would have done the same.  At my age, I know that you just need to seize the moment when it happens.  Who knows when or if that moment will come along again.

The wedding this weekend was probably one of the most beautiful I have ever attended. It was much more than a wedding, I truly felt as if I was sharing the spirits, the souls and the love of the happy couple.  Being there with my friends/coworkers/adopted Texas family made it even more special for me.  How lucky I feel to be with a group of people that I enjoy at work, and who I could spend an entire weekend with celebrating.  The weekend was filled with laughter and memories, and stories that will be told and retold many times.  I can’t imagine missing the wedding, or the experiences that it added to my life.

Sometimes, you just need to trust your first instinct and go with it. For me, it always seems to work out somehow.

“If you wait to do everything until you’re sure it’s right, you’ll probably never do much of anything.” –Win Borden

Stop waiting for everything to be perfect before you decide to do something that you really want to do.  Take a look at some of the things on your bucket list…or just do something totally frivolous..out of character and celebrate life–show a little self love and spoil yourself.

I think you’re worth it, and so should you.


4 thoughts on “Spontaneity…

  1. September 5…Billy Bob’s Texas…Junior Brown.

    You need to be there, Annie.

    And thanks for the “quit waiting” quote.

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