Wide awake at 5:00 a.m.

I tried going back to sleep, but no luck with that idea. My mind seems to be on overdrive these days, and I’m having a tough time getting my brain to disengage long enough for me to get some sleep. Finally at 6 I decided to crawl out of bed and to face the day.

My morning started with a chuckle. My Hawaiian daughter sent me a link to her food blog. She’s taken up cooking/baking as a hobby. Growing up, she chose to stay as far away from the kitchen as possible. She told me that she was going to marry a man that would do all of the cooking, she didn’t need to learn how to cook. We still tease her about the time she cooked a frozen pizza with the cardboard. “Growing up with a mother who baked religiously, and a sister who followed in tow, I’m bound to have a knack, right? ” I have to think my mom is up there smiling down at her efforts in the kitchen.

My mom was an excellent cook, baker and all around foodie. I can still see her in the kitchen whipping up something out of nothing. When I was growing up, she didn’t have a lot of money. She was a divorced mom with 4 kids, stretching a budget and trying to make the most of her food budget. My memories of those days are of the awful things we had to eat like salmon patties and stewed tomatoes. As an adult, we had some amazing meals at her house. My cooking skills pale in comparison, but I gave it my best effort.

Funny, when I was redoing my vision board on Sunday I took a look at my goals for 2009. One of them was to become a better cook, or at least learn to cook some new things. I need to work on that. My daughter had sent me a few text messages over the weekend telling me of her new venture into the culinary arts.

“A okay in the pacific. I’ve started cooking! Believe it. I’ve found my niche baking.”

“I made lemon tea cookies and snickerdoodles last night. Mmmm…I need to start sharing or I’m going to become a fatty.”

“Seriously, I needed an indoor hobby, baking is a bit tough without a mixer. I use a blender instead and I use sauce pans as mixing bowls. ghetto.”

I tried to picture the scene in my mind, and thought how in the heck would I bake using my blender? So, I did what any mom with a budding chef would do. I logged onto Amazon and ordered her a decent hand mixer and a set of mixing bowls. They should ship to her in Hawaii at the end of this week. It’s much easier to order and have things shipped directly there, the postage can be quite high. This order qualified me for free shipping. I thought it would be a nice surprise for her, and might encourage her to continue this new hobby.

I also saw this as one of the top things on my vision board list–help someone achieve a dream. It’s a small dream, a small contribution, but she might think of me as she is upping her skills with that new mixer!

I have started working on one of the items on my bucket list—writing a book. Of course I plan to be on Oprah and the New York Times bestseller list. :o) But in order for that to happen I need to actually start and finish writing this book.

What are you up to? You know it’s been ages since I’ve heard from you.

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