Spread a little sunshine…

The headlines scream recession…times are bad..the world is falling apart. Fortunately in my corner of the world, things are ok. I have a job, a place that I love to live, and lots of friends to add sunshine and joy to my day. Both those that I see everyday, and those that I interact with online via email, Facebook and Twitter. I know that at any time I can reach out an connect with friends.

Maybe in part because I am feeling pretty happy with my current life situation, I took a look around and saw some people that maybe could use a smile in their “real” mailbox. So I set out on a mission to mail packages and cards to a few friends, that soon expanded to a dozen packages and at least that many cards. When I was struggling with some of my life challenges, I remember how much those care packages and cards I received from friends meant to me. It wasn’t necessarily what was in the package, it was that someone took the time to send a little encouragement and happiness my way. In some cases, these packages were a thank you, in other cases it was a matter of paying it forward. You know I get into all of that spreading joy and cheeriness stuff–

I’ve been reading about Jeff Pulver’s upcoming 140 Character Conference, and maybe that made me think about all of the changes that have happened in my life since starting on Twitter two years ago. Little did I know that I was part of some world changing phenomenon that is really staring to move into the mainstream. For me it was a way to expand my world, and to get through one of the most difficult times of my life.

You know, you don’t have to send a package, you don’t have to send a card, it can be as simple as giving a random stranger a compliment. For me, Twitter has always been about connecting, and I know that I don’t use it as it was designed for..but for me it worked. Somehow along the way I became “branded”…you think that really matters all that much to me? I am the person online that I am when you meet me face-to-face. Yes, that goody two shoes sugary sweet can this person really be for real kinda person is me..not @AnnOhio–just Ann.

My challenge for you for this week…do 5 things to brighten someone..anyone’s day, including your own. You will come away feeling amazingly warm and fuzzy. What’s not to love about that?


P.S. Yes, PreppyDude I am still the bitch that only you know that I am..let’s keep that our little secret, k?

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