Can’t Seem to Sleep…

My mind is whirling, I can’t seem to turn it off to go to sleep tonight…all sorts of things dancing around in there.

I have my bag packed for Miami, my flight leaves at 3 tomorrow. I’ve got enough yarn and knitting projects in my back pack to last me a week–just in case they decide to hold me hostage in Miami. I’m looking forward to seeing friends, and a little sad at those that health challenges and life challenges are keeping away. But after what I dealt with during SXSW and feeling so sick, I understand..and remember how sad I was to be missing out on the big party.

Today was a big day at work…I was nominated as employee of the month. You know, maybe to some, not a huge deal, but to me it said that someone else in the company noticed I was there, and that just possibly I was doing something well. Yes, I bake cookies, brownies and all sorts of things..and I always have a dish or a basket full of candy. I have noticed that even though I have left the world of academia, I still care about my students, that they do well, that they pass the important tests so they can stay employed…

Hmmm…staying employed..that’s a good thing in these challenging economice times…another thing tugging at my mind tonight, but something I have no control over.

The medical tests continue to come back normal…I’m pretty happy about that. I still have the cough, but it’s improving I think, as is my appetite and energy level. I’m starting to feel like myself again…not as much laying on the couch all evening and all weekend. I’ve been knitting on some projects for Dulaan, I seem to be in a baby knitting mode these days.

I plan to have all kinds of fun in Miami this weekend..I also plan to rest when I feel that I need to and to not push myself too hard. This is after all a vacation, time away from stress..away from worries…Tonight I looked at the pictures from last year’s SXSE event and got such a giggle out of the fun that we had. I think I look a little different this year..I know that I am really different than that girl from the cornfields that went to Miami last year..maybe living in Texas has changed my outside appearance a bit–more than likely it’s the 20 pound weight loss from being sick.

No cowboy boots for the Miami adventure..shorts and flip flops all the way…even so, I plan on kicking up my heels and celebrating life. Let the adventure continue…


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