The Power of a Song

I watched the Country Music Awards tonight and found myself misty eyed through most of the evening. What the heck is up with that?

I realize that a big part of my heart–my youngest daughter LeighAnna is still in the cornfields of Ohio and as I watched the show I thought about all of the different performers there that we had seen in concert over the years. So many great memories of seeing Kenny Chesney I don’t know how many times, Keith Urban, Rascal Flatts, Dierks Bentley, John Michael Montgomery, and a list of famous and one day to be famous acts. It was flat out fun and I hope that she thinks about those times from time to time too. I think the tears tonight were in part missing her, and missing a lot of what is happening in her life these days. I text message and check in with her at least once a week. (She’s not a big fan of talking on the phone..neither is her sister…but texting they will keep in contact once in awhile.)

I also have some good memories since moving to Texas of meeting Lady Antebellum back stage at the Texas State Fair, seeing Kelly Pickler, and going to a concert at Billy Bob’s and getting to see Pat Green. The person who took me to those places has long since moved out of my life–but I believe he came into my life to show me the real Texas part of Texas..and for that I will always have fond memories.

I went to the doctor on Friday, more tests are being lined up, but I now know a lot of things that I don’t have, so that’s a plus. I still have no appetite, which made shopping for new clothes for SXSE yesterday a whole bunch of fun. I’ve lost 22 pounds, so that meant a smaller size. I don’t recommend this as a diet plan, and I look forward to narrowing down the cause.

One of the last things the doctor asked me on Friday is if I was depressed. I chuckled, and said no, just a bit frustrated. I’ve been thinking about that off and on all weekend. Heaven knows I’ve been through some things that could put a person into a major depression…but life is too short for that to be of much use. Yes, I have times when I get down–I am normal after all! But it’s usually only for a day at the most, then I dust myself off and get back into the race. (These days it’s more like into the walk, I don’t run after all!)

I’m very lucky to have so many kind and caring friends as a part of my life. I always shake my head in amazement at that. Maybe that’s a part of the reason why depression is not an option? There’s always somene a phone call, an email..a tweet..a Facebook message away to connect with? I’m really looking forward to SXSE and connecting face-to-face with friends again. I have lots of huggin’ the stuffin’ hugs ready for the event.

Have one terrific week, will ya?



One thought on “The Power of a Song

  1. It’s good to see you back on your keyboard, Ann. The chronic crud is an effective weight-loss measure, but as you said, not worth the side effects.

    Country music charms a lot of us because it’s story-oriented. We can see ourselves and those we know in real life situations…we can feel the joy and the heartbreak and the humor and the reality of a story that rings true. It can become the soul music for us non-urban white folks.

    Keep healthy, keep posting.

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