Being a responsible adult…

It sure sucks sometimes…  

I’ve been sick with something for well over a month now.  I’ve been to the doctor, large quantities of blood have been taken and so far I know mostly what it isn’t, than what it is.  It’s not the flu, it’s not strep, it’s not mono–at one point it was maybe pneumonia, but I think that’s been ruled out at this point.  I just have a cough that won’t quit, I’m tired all of the time and I’ve lost my appetite.

This past weekend I was to go to Austin for SXSW.  I’ve been looking forward to this adventure for months!  But the weather on Friday when I was to drive the 3.5 hours was 40 and rainy.  Not good weather for someone who is ill to be stuck in…so I opted to stay home, and spend my vacation day and most of the weekend on the couch resting.

Since moving from academia to the corporate world I have a bigger salary, but not much time off–so far I’ve taken off 4 of my possible 15 days off for the entire year trying to kick this.  I am feeling a little better every day, but I’m far from being my normal bouncy self. 

So, instead of venturing to Austin, and risking getting sicker, or ending up in the hospital I did the responsible adult thing and stayed home and rested.

I’ll just make plans to go next year.  Life goes on, there are far greater tragedies than missing a weekend with friends. (At least that’s what I’ve been telling myself the last 3 days…

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