What can one person do?

Feck, you know that you can make a difference, whether you have 5 bucks in your pocket, or just a little goodwill in your heart. 

Chris Brogan posted a link tonight from @meglyn and her support our troops project.  Go read what she’s up to, (I’ll wait). 

Simple enough, and straight from the heart.  What does it cost you to send an email, seriously, just a few minutes of your time.

Me? I’m going to do that AND send in a donation to the USO–where I know that my money will go to where it needs to go.

…tis the season….



One thought on “What can one person do?

  1. THANKS SO MUCH for posting this on your blog. I appreciate your taking the time to not only post it, but send the email of support and your donation to the USO.

    You are a good person AnnOhio!!

    Happy Holidays to you and all those you care about!

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