You know darlin’ everything’s bigger in Texas…

No, that’s not a line from a recent date.  That was my reaction when I ventured into The Woolie Ewe yarn shop yesterday.  Wow, I have never in my life been in a yarn store that big, it was overwhelming.  When I go to the yarn store it usually takes me two or three trips around to make a decision. I have to touch the yarn, try to find what would work well for the project I have in mind. zOMG there were so many choices in so many price ranges.  I bought a hat pattern, but there were hundreds of patterns and books.

I went to find more yarn for my project of completing 11 hats by Thanksgiving.  I did linger over the lace shawl patterns but decided that I will begin that project, that bucket list goal at the beginning of the year.  There were a group of people sitting at the table knitting and a variety of people walking around to help if you needed it.  I got the biggest kick out of the mom dragging her adult son around the place holding yarn up to his face to pick out the best color for his scarf.  He looked like he might have played linebacker in high school.  The funny part was that he was into it as much as she was.  They settled on a green to match his eyes and a gray. 

When I walked up to pay for my yarn they added me to their mailing list, that could be serious serious trouble.  I now have a great place to take all of my knitting buddies when they come for a visit in Texas.  I was amazed by the service and the friendliness.  When they asked if I wanted the two hanks of yarn I had purchased spun up on the swift I was wow-ing.  Not that I don’t have a swift and a ball winder at home, but this small extra step impressed me.

Yarn GaloreI’ll be heading back in that direction again.  I finished the hat I was working on last night, a plastic camo yarn type close to the head hat.  I started a new hat after that..I had forgotten what a yarn snob I am, I am really enjoying knitting with the new stuff.  So very bright and soft.  With this new incentive I’m definitely going to make that 11 hat goal.  Six hats done, 5 to go!

One thought on “You know darlin’ everything’s bigger in Texas…

  1. I’ll start praying for you, knowing how much you’re like me (at least with knitting.) This mailing list sounds like the worst temptation thus far. It’s like bringing doughnuts to a Weight Watcher’s meeting. YIKES! 🙂

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