Caution, major life trauma ahead…

I’m not sure if it’s just a woman thing, or a man thing too..finding someone new to cut your hair is traumatic.  In the cornfields I have had the same lady highlighting, perming, trimming and cutting my hair for nearly 10 years.  It’s just not practical to travel back there when my hair needs attention.  Since arriving in Texas I’ve pretty much been ignoring the gray taking over—the natural highlighting. 

Tuesday I was out taking a walk around the neighborhood and stopped in at the salon in the shopping area near my apartment complex.  Since I’ve been working the afternoon shift this week it seemed like a good opportunity to get something done with my hair. 

The shop was very nice, the lady doing my hair talked but not too much.  In the bright light of the salon I took one look in the mirror and was shocked at just how gray I was.  YIKES!!!  So as my hair was combed and painted and wrapped in foil I really hoped for the best from this trip. 

anntexas-2When washing my hair, the beautician gave me an amazing scalp massage and I didn’t want to get up from the chair, it was so relaxing.  The highlighting was the best I have ever had.  She also suggested parting my hair on the opposite side and she razor cut some bangs for me…still long enough to tuck behind my ear.  I loved the look and my team mates at work told me I looked sassy with my new do.  I even felt a little sassier!

As I sat under the dryer getting the color cooked in I noticed that the other lady in the salon adding a little color to her hair was knitting.  What are the odds of that?  I couldn’t hear the discussion over the hum of the dryer, but she told my beautician that I was a professional knitter.  (Shoot I was working on a mindless knitting hat.)  She did give me a great tip on a LYS (local yarn store) I had just put the address of a few yarn stores in my GPS yesterday.  This one is The Woolie Ewe and I plan to venture there tomorrow before work.

Weather is a bit cooler in Texas and that seems to have me in the knitting mood…I haven’t been in a yarn store in months, I’m overdue!

Today’s Question: Are you a morning or night person? amongst yourselves.  :o)


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