Can’t sleep…

Thankfully I’m working 2-10 tomorrow, but I also have been invited to an thank you lunch for my work on a project for another department, I need to be there by 11.  Sooooooooooo, I can sleep in a little bit in the morning.

I was driving home tonight when the radio announcer broke in to announce that Obama had won the election.  I came home, turned on the lights, and the power went off in the housing complex.  The first thing I thought was some sort of issue because of the election…how sad is that?  The power came back on, and I sat like quite a few Americans and watched Obama’s speech.  I truly believe this will be one of those moments, like the first lunar landing, the assassination of President Kennedy, the Beatles on Ed Sullivan that one will remember where they were at that particular moment in time.  (And shut up if you don’t remember when any of those things happened.  :o)

I set a goal for myself today to knit 10 hats for Rad Bad Beanies by Thanksgiving.  That’s a pretty lofty goal for someone who has a crazy busy schedule and a bit of a social life–actually after checking at the last update from Rad Bad Beanies, I’ve knitted 44 hats to date, starting in 2005—let’s make the goal 11 and bring that grand total up to 55. 

I hopped up on my soapbox tonight about my feelings that one person really can make a difference.  Someone took it the wrong way as if I was talking about the election and/or the reduction of the DOD budget. give me far too much credit for where my head was at.  My mind was thinking about doing for others, never crossed my mind that I was tryng to make some sort of political statement. 

Off to do a little reading–Life is a Verb. 

Hugs all around…


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